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Ski binding positioning

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Hey all, 


Quick question relating to the position of my bindings...


I spend 70% of my time on-piste, casual skiing with friends but enjoying hitting kickers and riding switch. I spend the 20% of my time in the park, currently working up to a 360 (so nothing spectacular), that’s probably as far as I’ll take it. The remaining 10% is spent off-piste (but I imagine this will increase the more I ski).


I’ve had my bindings fixed in to the traditional position (i.e. slightly further back on the ski rather than dead centre) on the advice of the guy in-store. The reason, because I’ll get better response from them on mountain and off-piste BUT they’ll still be ok for park, although not optimum for rails and spinning/jumps?

My question, I guess, is how much of a disadvantage will I be in for not having them dead centre when it comes to attempting 360’s and switch riding?


Ultimately, given the type of skiing that I do, I think I’ve gone for the right choice but I’m interested to hear what people think…


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What kind of ski? Unless it's a dedicated symetrical park ski you might be degrading the performance by going with a center mount. I like to go with the recommended mount most of the time. Lots of companies use a "traditional" and "team" line for mounting. I'm convinced the "tradtional" is just used to sell a more modern design to people who aren't willing to adapt to newer shapes.

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or technique....  

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Thanks for your reply ecimmortal.


They're the 2014 K2 recoil - 90 waiste, 121 tip, 115 tail.


I've not skied them yet, but hoping that they (along with my binding position) will still be ok to mess about in the park, as well as mess about on the mountain.

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Ryan Schmies from K2 recommends core center(center of the sidecut) over true center. If you're not a dedicated park skier I wouldn't worry too much about mounting true center. Especially on a non symetrical ski. You won't be doing enough rotations for it to make a real difference.

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Awesome, thank you, my mind has been out at rest!!
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