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Hey Jonathan

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As I recall you were thinking of buying some AT boots (for your wife?) online. Did you do it and if so, how did fitting by email work out for you? (I ask because I'll probaly have to do the same) thanks
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click this then click "Nordic Ski Boots"
when you get there (I can't make the link go all the way in one shot)
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Worked out quite well. Ended up getting the Scarpa Magic (i.e., Lady's Laser), which was available only in Euroland this past winter. The price from www.telemark-pyrenees.com was so cheap (about half U.S. retail for the Laser) that I could have shipped many boots back and forth between here & France and still come out ahead. Neil (the owner) was very responsive to e-mail and very helpful in sorting out the confusing Scarpa sizing. (Some of their boots are sized in U.K., some U.S. women's, some mondpoint, etc.)
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thanks Jonathan and Roto. I'll contact Neil at TP. Either of you tried or even seen the Lowa Struktura EVO? Would like to consider that one as well as the Laser.
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I tried on the regular Struktura, plus a friend has a pair: very impressively designed boot, though a bit too soft for my tastes. But given that the Evo is supposed to be same except for a stiffer flex, I think Lowa may have a real winner here.
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