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Helmet with easy access music plug in

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OK, no helmet lectures allowed!  Here's the brief of it.  None of my family wears a helmet.  I am willing to set the example and put a helmet on, even though I HATE anything on my head.  It takes severe cold or blizzard conditions to get a hat on me.  I am a headband and hood lady.  My husband will never wear a helmet.  My son has not worn a helmet since he was 6 yrs old.  He didn't want to ski if he had to put a helmet on.  I know ... I know ... I know.  I have always told my son, as soon as he started playing in the park, it was helmet time.  He is 16 and the inevitable has begun.  After a prolonged argument, in which I promised I would wear a helmet if if he would, he agreed.  The sell I used was music.  So here is my question:


Can anyone recommend a helmet that has an easy to use music plug in?  This is key to getting my 16yr old to put a helmet on.


Thanks for not lecturing me on how I should have insisted on a helmet all these years!

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Smith, Giro and R.E.D have headphone kits you can get for the helmets they carry.  I have a Smith Vantage and just recently pulled out the Skullcandy kit i had in it and replaced it (wires started breaking and music was crackling/cutting out) with a DIY bluetooth kit, Cost me $50 to do two helmets and was extremely easy.  You should really pick a helmet that fits you then find out if they have a headphone kit or DIY for it, because fit is much more important that music.

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I can't tell you enough how much I love this helmet.  For me, it fit perfect, it's warm, easily ventable, and the headphones built-in are completely stealth and comfortable.  They sound great too and I can still hear what's going on around me, etc (safety).  The cord is easily detachable from either end.




I found it locally for $60.

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Thanks to both of you.  I know that fit absolutely comes first.  I'm just trying to narrow down the field before we go shopping.  I'm completely in the dark in this area so I appreciate any guidance.

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It's both fit and goggle compatabiity (lack of space around goggle frame), so bring your goggles and your son's head with you.

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Red has an inexpensive (relatively) MIPS audio helmet. Try one on for size.
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I will definitely bring him (and his goggles) for sizing AND teenage approval.  Thanks for the suggestions.  I really dislike going into a shop completely in the dark.  Most of the time, the salespeople are great.  Sometimes ... not so much.  It helps if I have an idea what to look at.

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