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Guys I need your help!

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Can I have some feedback/constructive criticism on a video i made last year in Chamonix?... Will be going again this year and I am planning on making another video... what can I do differently? Thanks


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Tip your camera up a bit so as to look down the slope more.  Your intro of climbing and getting ready was not to long, non skiing is best kept short, in this video I would put more skiing, it was a bit short. How far in front of your skis are you looking? You should be looking two or three turns in front of you as a general rule in skiing. You edited your video and that is a plus, so many ski videos on YouTube have no or poor editing. For the most part you did a good job.

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Thanks man! Yeah this season i'm deffo going to get in a lot more skiing... i've realised that this one doesn't have quite enough. I've also got the Hero 3 plus now so looking forward to some great quality footage! :D

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Anyone else got some suggestions? Any would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

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What's the intent of the video? Showcase the area, your skiing or capture a memory? It would be easier to say what you could do better if we knew what it was for.

It is very short,
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I'm not too partial to people who join the forum and then immediately ask us to do something for them.particularly since they almost always disappear after that one thread. Just bad forum citizenship.
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Many people who respond to questions and make comments on various topics don't mind if someone joins a group just to ask one or two questions. After all, they're not good for much else besides sitting around telling others their opinions, and commenting on things they see.

Anyone who asks them a question is actually giving them a gift - someone who'll pay attention to what they think.


That said, I'm afraid I'm a bit  too busy to look at the video, but I'm sure plenty of others will.

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Watching someone's ski tips is pretty much useless. If you want to feature the area, stop and look around. If you want to feature your skiing, have someone else use the camera.
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I'm with Kneale. I'm not a fan of these GoPro videos. Can't see technique, can't see the area in any meaningful way. Snow rushing by someone's ski tips is pretty boring.
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Try to pick a sunny day--hard to see what's going on with no contrast. Include some shots that give an idea of what terrain you're skiing. To give an idea of steepness film your buddy from the side as he goes by. Decide if you're there to make a video worth watching or to have fun skiing. Very hard to do both. If the video is for your personal enjoyment skip the music and record live sound, including discussion of what you're doing, route decisions etc. Not a bad idea if it's for other people too. If an "Oh, SHIT" gets in there so much the better. (One of the few Go Pro videos I've enjoyed was one Miles Clark did skiing McConkey's at Squaw in very bony conditions--the swearing and the sound of skis scraping on rock made the video. A superb skier having a lot of trouble--not something you see every day.) Decide what you're trying to accomplish--like the man said, are you trying to showcase the area, trying to show the beauty, grace, and athleticism of good skiing (that one's been done a few million times), or trying to create a memory of how much you and your friend(s) enjoyed the skiing and each other's company, in which case face shots (the movie kind, not the skiing kind) and dialogue are important.

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