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powder/tree ski for the east

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Now I know that this topic has been touched on before, but since I have searched and found limited info on the Head Mad Trix Mojo and Elan Mantis 777 (two candidates) I will start up another thread. I may (fingers crossed) be getting a job in Westchester County, NY, soon and this would mean that I would be able to regularly ski further north than C'ville allowed. Anyway, to get back to the point, I love skiing powder, especially in the trees. My Atomic 9.22s are fun for small powder dumps, but I want a wide (~85mm) tree/powder ski that is not completely useless on the groomers. I am looking in the 170-175cm range, and the Pocket Rocket in 175cm, Mad Trix Mojo in 176cm, and Elan Mantis 777 in 169cm or 177cm are the ones that I am looking at right now. If not for the Atomic binding on the Stomp (I demoed Atomics and just did not like the feel of the bindings) it would be a candidate as well. Due to the fact that the PR and Mojo can be found on Ebay they are emerging as the frontrunners for now. If anyone can comment or shed some light on this topic it would be greatly appreciated - thanks.
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I have a buddy "Hairybones" He has replied to the Gear Review Forum on the Salomon Extra Hot's. He's 6' 165lbs. He and I spend alot of time in the tree's at Okemo. He is realy happy with his Extra's he has them in 165cm. We ski hard and fast from the trees to the lift and then back to the trees. We also throw in a few bump runs to break up the day. He has skied the Extra's on the firm cold old snow and has no complaint's. If he has time may be he'll respond. If not I'll tell him to check out this thread when I meet him and the Mrs. at the Sugar House at 8AM Saturday.

We also have another tree buddy that love his 9.22's, so you may be fine with the ski you have. Unless of course you have money burning a hole in your pocket.
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I do like my 9.22s a lot, but last weekend at Timberline (12" dump Friday night) seemed a little much for them. About the money burning a hole thing, these skis would be a present to myself if I get the job I applied for, so it is more about want than need. Also, might the Big Stix 8.6 be another contender? Thanks again for the input...
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Nice present. Haven't heard much about the big stick's, I'm sure you'll have more input soon.
Good Luck on the job.
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Originally posted by aschir01:
Aschir01, Good luck with your new job, try several of the new skis that are in the 75 to 85mm range underfoot, I've had good luck with the extra hots in a 165 and I'm a pretty aggressive recreational skier. Like em a little shorter than some for manueverability, especially in our second growth rainforest trees. Really haven't found a speed limit and good edge hold on ice. A guy I know is on Blizzard Titans and he swears by them. Have fun finding out what you like, if only all our decisions were this tough.
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I guess I caused a little confusion... no job yet, but good vibes from the interview. I've decided to stupidly get ahead of myself and think of a way to waste money celebrating IF I get the job. Not to turn this to a discussion on PRs, but I've read a lot about them (and the Mojo as well) at Powder where they are routinely bashed for being soft. I prefer a softer ski, but I'd like it to have just enough backbone to keep form getting thrown around in crud. I seem to hear to mount binings on twin tips 1-2cm back which would be fine for the PR and Mojo (better deals on Ebay). I still would like to hear more about the 777 (tested well by SkiPress and Skiing) and the Big Stix 8.6 (loved by SkiPress, but might be too stiff for me). Anyway, let's hope that I have the problem of buying new skis soon.

Also, I've gotten some invites to ski lately but no fun besides night skiing unitl the master's thesis is done - thanks anyway. When it is done, though, I'll be up for visiting some new slopes here in the mid-atlantic/northeast...
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I came to this forum asking for advice, and my mistake was aiming for a ski that was wider in the waist than was necessary. So as your potential neighbor in Westchester, I will take the liberty of not responding exactly as you have requested. Perhaps there are not enough monster dumps in the north east to make the additional waist width that you are requesting, necessary. My suggestion is that you could get enough float with the 76 mm waisted B2. Not only would they make a fine eastern tree ski whenever there was plenty of snow and/or crud around, but you could also put them to excellent use in the West as well. Even though they are not that much wider than your current ski, they are substantially softer than your Atomics, and I think you will find that they float substantially better. The Elan Mantis 662 might be another suggestion along the same lines that is might be more appropriate than the Mantis 777. I'm hope some of the tree skiing locals in the North East will correct me if they think I am giving you bad advice.

Good luck on your job.

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You voiced what the little voice in the back of my head was saying all this while, that my 9.22s are probably good enough and that skis as wide as I was looking at are most likely unnecessary. The thought of a slightly wider, softer ski like the B2 you mentioned is a direction that I didn't think about yet. I guess to further restate my query, I love my 9.22s for ice, hardpack, bumps, light crud, and powder <6". For those of you eastern tree skiiers / powder hunters whose ranks I would like to join, what, in your mind, is your ideal/dream eastern tree ski? Thanks for the input once again...
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FYI, I'm 6'0" and 190lbs (going towards 175lbs) and I absolutely love my 170cm 9.22s w/ piston 1200 bindings.
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176 mojos, 175 or 85 Pocket Rockets, 182 Motherships.
My top 3 for eastern trees.
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I use my Elan SLX 163s for groomed and hardpack and the 662 for the woods. So far only one day in the woods on the 662s and I love them. With only one day haven't tried most conditions but in tight trees with approx. 6 inches of loose skiied snow on top of packed snow/hardpack/ice they were great. Will be trying them this week at Jay, hopefully (with any luck) in powder on Tuesday.
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You also have....
Dynastars: Intuitiv 74 and Legend 8000(80mm)
Fischer: BigStix 7.6 and 8.0
Salomon: Hot
Elan: Mantis 662(mentioned) and 777

to name a few more.... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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