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First day on my new Volkl RTM 81

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Today I got to try out my new Volkl RTM 81 in a 171 length.  I am a level 8/9 skier and am 5'9" and 190 lbs.


I bought these skis to replace my much loved Volkl AC 30 w/ wideride bindings and 80 cm underfoot for skiing in the Mid Atlantic region.  I also have a wider ski for western trips and race skis for my beer league.  These are to be my fun everyday skiing when I am not racing.   I like to ski the entire mountain from groomers, to steeps, to moguls, to trees and to powder (if we get any). I ski fast and agressive and these are my thoughts on my new sticks.


This is my first full rocker ski with no camber. At first it was a little disconcerting as they don't pop out of the turn like my AC30's. They also don't grip the hardpack as well, at least not first impression.   However after a few runs.I started to get use to their feel and began to have some fun. They are lighter, more manueverable and quicker edge to edge than the ski it is replacing in my quiver. The little bit of soft ungroomed natural snow I found, the 81's felt very good and made me wish for more.   Same with the small bump fields that are just starting to grow.  They felf very manueverable and easy to slip through the moguls.  I do believe I will like these skis for mogul duty.  But on full throttle runs, they did not feel as stableas my 30's.  But again as the day wore on, I gained more condidence and look forward to skiing them some more.


In conclusion, I have to say I like them!  I think as I get used to the no camber I will like them even more. As compared to my AC 30's I find that the 81's are more manueverabe and have better float over broken snow and crud at the expense of  being slightly less stable at speed and not having the traditional pop out of the turn.  Though I noticed the lack of grip I think at slower speeds, it will be a non issue as the 81's seem to grip better at speed.  I am looking forwars to skiing them some more.


Ski On!

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Thanks for the review!

I got to demo a pair of these in 177cm. yesterday here at Copper Mt. (CO), and really liked them. They stood out as one of the best I've skied. We haven't had snow in a week here, so it's packed conditions and groomers. I'm a light weight skier (145 lbs, 5'11"), sorta expert. Like you, I found these skis surprisingly good in moguls. At my weight and at this length, for me the RTM 81's had a great pop or bounce to them to go off moguls with, as well as carve them. Really fun. I don't usually "pop" off moguls. This ski just had the response for that. 


They were also great--best--on the frontside: great edge, stable, fast, dependable, easy to turn most any radius. They just felt good.  I was on demo tuned (or not tuned) skis, with a solid burr on the side edge, but I soon had real confidence on them, more and more. The extra stability would make sense given I'm lighter than you and they're longer. If you were on, say, a pair of 182's with this ski, I'd guess you might experience the same level of stability at speed I was having. 

On the other hand, if I were on the same skis in 171, I might find them even better in moguls!


There was no new snow to try them in, but from what you wrote, I'd guess they would work well in at least up to 6" snow falls here.  

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