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I ran across this site/thread a couple days ago, what a blast to relive some old memories! It looks like John Ostberg and Phil Sifferman are on this list? John was a fellow competitor in aerials on the 1976 PFA tour. I remember seeing a picture of John, (before I met him), on the cover of Ski Racing doing a GIANT back layout where he traveled 150 feet or something crazy like that? I think that was in 1975. I don't know if I ever met Phil? I do remember that Phil, Walt Hiltner and Park Smalley did not compete in 1976 as they were working for Marlboro touring the world doing a show. I'm pretty sure they performed in front of the Shah of Iran? The last time I saw Phil was at Snowbird for the PFA finals in 1976. I know Phil got hurt pretty bad doing a double back. I never heard exactly how bad, the rumor was internal injuries, Phil? I still get together here in Southern California with Scott Willingham every month or two for lunch, Rusty Taylor joins us once in awhile. I'm looking forward to checking in over here with you guys!

Art Stephens