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Last weekend before my beloved Avs took that Stanely Cup that they so deserved, I took the opportunity to hike and ski Buffalo Mountain. It was good, not great. Steep hike up the side of that mountain to the snow, then we skied the main chute that faces north. The snow was good up on top, but as the chute narrowed the snow got progessively worse, this run is quite popular. I would guess that close to 10 people skied it that day!!!! It was practically bumped out at the bottom, also the down hike back to the trail was pretty loose. I would do this again, but probably one month earlier.

As a side note we chose Buffalo for good luck for the Avs.
Buffalo Mountain 12,777 feet.
#77 Ray Bourque in game #7
12 is divisble 2 times (the number of Cups the Avs now have) by 6 (the month that they won it). So now you know who to thank