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New Ski for my Lady?

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Hi all,


I'm looking to buy my missus a new set of skis for our upcoming 3 week ski trip to the US (likely Telluride / Jackson). We always try and ski Western US / Canada, but have done europe when the time won't allow.


She has skied on B1 womens for the past few years. She mostly skis on piste (90/10) but is keen to improve off piste also. Not sure what level (6 maybe??) she's confident on steep black groomers but struggles off the piste.


5'7'' & 120lbs 35 yrs old. We will both be getting some lessons in either JH or Telluride.


Hope you guys can help.


Thanks in advance



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Start Haus has another blemish sale on Monday. Pick up the 162cm Wild Belle's and maybe a pair for yourself!
Then have them ship direct to your hotel in Telluride.
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