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summer skiing in the NW

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does anyone here know of any good spots to go summer skiing in washington? I dont think i can wait till next november to get some turns.
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The best summer skiing is right here in our state. Climbing and skiing any of the NW volcanoes can provide 4000 to 6000 foot vertical runs. Of course you need to make these trips when good weather is eminent, have the proper equipment and go with someone who knows where they are going. There are many non technical climbing routes, but caution is still advised. There are many guide books that are helpful. If you are going to do it this summer, you better get it in this month. July probably be too late given the poor snow pack. The best options: Mt. Rainier-Muir or Mt. Adams-south climb. In good weather the snow is pretty good!
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I say cruise up to the North Cascades, find Heather Pass, Kangaroo Pass and others... Lots of places you can set up a base came in 45 minutes and have chutes suround you that are only about 2000vert climb, that would be Kangaroo Pass, just park in the pull out and spend a few days, Also great but longer is Heather Pass with a 2.5+ hike/skin up to base and some fabulous skiing all round there. Look for Birthday loop and other trails for great corn runs.
I don't think you can beat a good corn run in the NCascades. IMHO
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Glacier Peak is a popular 4th of July ski, though popular is not what you might want.

Teleychick sounds like she's got it down.

Norseman has good advice too. Mt. Adams is an 'easy' climb and the south face has the legendary 3-3-3 chutes...3 chutes, 3,000 vert, 30 degrees, or something like that.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Roto ---
How was steven's Pass this last winter? You live there?

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I do in the winter.
It was good. We had a drought and hovered around 50% snowpack. If you walked a little bit there wasn't a shortage of pow because it stayed colder than normal...the snow qulaity was amazing for Stevens. Usually it is typical NW junk. This year it was very dry. The runs remained chalky after weeks without much accumulation.

The last couple of months were great. Lots of snow. The last several weeks one of the upper chairs closed Mon-Thurs. every friday Big Chief Bowl (A North facing bowl) would have a week's worth of snow to play in. On closing day the entire mountain was skiable. That is not usual even in years we get 150"+. We skied pow AFTER closing day 18"-2 weeks.

There is an amazing amount of good touring in the area. There is a healthy contingent of skinners who were going out several times a week.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...
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Need to get the name of bootfitter you talked about a month or so ago in Seattle area. Thanks.

Skiing Adams is a blast, easy 7000 vert of skiing in spring, not that much left at this time tho. The Carbon and Flett on Rainier can offer some good stuff almost year around, gotta take your rock boards now, lottsa dirty and sun cupped snow and ice. BUT at least it's turnin'!!!!
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Been skiing Rainier lately?
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I went up to camp muir yesterday. thought about bringing the skis but didnt. I did see a few people skiing down, the weather was horrible and the snow sticky, but everyone i talked to said it was worth it. the snow field starts at pebble creek, so theres still a good 2500+ ft vert left to ski.
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