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Hey guys, First and foremost, I want to wish everyone (in the US) a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Friday for those not in the US! Secondly, I know it is recommended to demo a ski for a day first before buying, but unfortunately I don't have that luxury at the moment and am willing to take the risk if the deal is worth it. So let me tell you a little bit about myself and my skiing:


I'm 5'9" (~175cm) and weigh 210lbs (~95kg). From my understanding I should be looking at skis in the range of 160-180cm. Right now I'm skiing on an old 170cm ski I bought on craigslist and am quite satisfied with the size, though I'm not against going longer or shorter.

Experience / Ability Level

I have been skiing on and off for about 15+ years. I would say I am intermediate to advanced. I typically spend ~80% of my time on the blue squares, with ~20% on diamonds and double diamonds. I'm planning on taking the time to advance my skill level further this year and I would also like to experiment with the terrain park some more (currently I'll take a few small jumps here and there but thats it) - I would prefer a ski that could handle some basic tricks.

Location / Terrain

I live in Northern NJ and do most of my skiing in the area (Mountain Creek, Camelback, Hunter, White Face, Killington), though I will be visiting Colorado for a ski trip in January - and plan to make west coast skiing a regular thing. I think in my case, an all-mountain ski would be the best option.


My budget is pretty flexible as I don't mind paying for value, though I would prefer to keep the cost of skis + bindings under $700.

Some options...

So I looked up some Black Friday deals on skis and I found these to match my criteria of what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time deciding which ones best fit my needs. Has anyone tried/know about any of these and can recommend (or not recommend) them? Black Friday deals or not, are there any other options I should look at?


Ski Available Sizes Bindings Rating Price
Rossignol Avenger 82 Basalt 162, 170 TPX Axium 120 4.6 (5 Reviews) $449.94
Elan Amphibio 76 Fusion 160, 168, 176 EL 10.0 Fusion 4.2 (5 Reviews) $599.99
Line Skis Influence 105 172, 179 No 4.4 (9 Reviews) $322.90
Line Skis Blend Skis 2013 165, 171 No 4.8 (8 Reviews) $373.90
Volkl RTM 80 171, 176 iPT Wide Ride 12.0 4.4 (5 Reviews) $540.90
Volkl Bridge 2013 171, 179 No 4.5 (11 Reviews) $449.90
Salomon Rocker2 92 2013 179 No 4.6 (5 Reviews) $351.90
Atomic Drifter 2013 164, 173, 182 No 4.0 (2 Reviews) $319.90
Volkl Gotama 2013 170, 186 Marker Griffon 4.8 (6 Reviews) $693.31
Atomic Charter 2013 176 No 5.0 (2 Reviews) $330.90
Atomic Blog 2013 169 No 4.2 (14 Reviews) $333.90
K2 A.M.P Rictor 2013 167 Marker MX 12.0 Demo 4.4 (5 Reviews) $475.90
K2 Kung Fujas 2013 169 No 4.6 (7 Reviews) $389.90


Thank you in advance for your input!!