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P60 side edge tuning impossible?

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I've got a pair of Völkl P60 04-05.


I've done edge tuning since 2 years now but I'm a little stuck with these ones, Hope one of you can help.


So the P60 (as you see on the pics) has the bottom and the upper edge aligned, the bottom edges are not as often today on the skis with cap a little outstanding.


So how is it possible to cut the side edge? I'm gonne "hit" the upper edge and will be unable to cut an angle in the side edge as the upper one is aligned with the bottom one.




Thanks a lot


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As I wrote above..


"I've done edge tuning since 2 years now but I'm a little stuck with these ones,"


So you can guess I do have a side wall planer...


But my sidewall planer canNOT cut the upper EDGE, can it..


So thats the whole point in my question...because the upper edge is aligned with the bottom edge.

So that's why I don't see how to get an angle in the side edge.



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You've filed your edge so much that the whole side is completely filed to flush with the top edge??? I've never had that happen. So nice to ski in an area that doesn't have ice like that. I might actually take a FILE to my skis twice a season, rest of the time I just polish them with stones. I'm going to take this as a cautionary tale as I tune these days.
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In the pic it doesn't really look flush.


I am interpreting Mouser's word 'aligned' to mean


"a file flat on the side edge also touches the topsheet at the corner, with a gap in between".



Now, personally, I would not hesitate to file that corner down somewhat.    It's not exactly a new pair of skis...


Otherwise, adjusting the file to reach only just past the sidewall is a possibility - or getting a compact tool that doesn't require a full size file and cuts when the file is pointed along the long axis of the edge. 

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Both my files and stones are in a guide that has less than 1/8" sticking out and I usually wiggle it so that it's not being impacted by any sidewall. But I could see that if you keep filing that you'll eventually remove the whole sidewall and to get the right bevel you would have to remove more than sidewall. I thought maybe he was trying to get a really acute bevel or something, but did wonder why the tool would be reaching that high across the ski depth. However, as you continue closer to the tip and tail that top edge would come into play.
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I have some P60s around as rock skis and have never even got close to taking off so much sidewall metal from the ski's construction starts appearing! I'd take a coarse file to it, these skis are unlikely to be your pride and joy and there must be hardly any edge left.

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Looks like to me you will need to do some extensive ski shaping - aka topsheet sanding.  You can do it by hand with a body or panzer file, but I prefer using a mechanical sanding device.  Finished task should look like straight 7 degree angle from the topsheet, to the metal layer above the edge (if that make any sense).

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I would get a bastard file and file down the top edge using a big angle from vertical (like say 82 degrees) until it is out of the way, then tune the bottom edge at 88 (moguls/smearing) or 87 (carving) degrees with usual files/stones.

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Hi guys,


Many thanks to those with or the constructive answers. :)


I'll try to file the side wall down with the upper edge.


@Narc, sibhusky : The P60 had the bottom and upper edge "aligned" from the moment they left völkl's workshop :).



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Kind of lost in pictures. Have you in fact filed the side of the metal edge so much that you are now into the cap of the ski ?


If so, IMO your taking off to much metal each time. If you ski and race that much where your skis need to be that sharp your do for new skis any ways.


I have Volkl's with over 150 days on them and have a ton of edge left.

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Near as I can figure, he just meant that the top edge (or topsheet) of the ski, as manufactured (like in the first pic below), was not narrower by very much relative to the base of the ski, therefore he was having clearance issue with his files.  Now, since I don't have more than 1/8" of file or stone sticking out beyond the guide edge (second pic), this has never ever been an issue for me.  The file/stone just doesn't travel anywhere near the topsheet.  Of course, as you get further from the ski midpoint, the topsheet gets closer to the bottom edge and there must be some point if you keep filing that edge off that suddenly the little shelf there is not sufficient to keep you from hitting the top EDGE of the ski, but it seems to me that if it's been filed that much you've been hitting the SIDEWALL anyway.  It is possible, I suppose to have a severe enough side BEVEL that you start hitting the wall with the top edge of your file sooner than I would, even with less than 1/8" of file sticking out from the guide, and you'd just start pulling the file deeper into the guide or find a guide that didn't restrict that adjustment.  


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