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General Ski / Ski-Width Advice for Beg/Int Tahoe

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I asked for help on choosing some specific skis a few months ago but no replies, I am guessing people did not have knowledge/experience with them so I am asking more generally what ski width (range) or skis do you recommend for me.  It seems like most people on here are advanced intermediate or experts.  Not me.


I am 40, 6' 1" (6' 2" if i stand up  straight) currently 195lbs and loosing with a goal of 190ish and ski in the Tahoe area.  I took 3 lessons about 3 seasons ago and have just been up about 10 times per season having fun on some k2 silencers @179 (85mm width).  I ran in to an instructor on the hill toward the end of last season because I want to start working on my technique before I get to the point of no return on bad habits and he said the skis are too long for me, another told me they may be too soft.  I tried watching videos and talking to past instructors for tips and plan to take lessons as soon as it snows (next week I hope). I want to be able to ski difficult blues with complete control and then enjoy some speed, but not supersonic.


What I want in a ski is one that will be fun on groomed runs and help me develop in to a solid intermediate skier, be able to handle fresh snow, then the freshly created chop/bumps later in the day, fun just off trail, and also be able to handle those (what seems like happens often when I am there) hard-pack and ice days that turn to slush.


I really do not need a ski that is designed for deep powder, serious tree skiing, black diamond moguls, requires perfectly groomed runs, or punishes my mistakes.


I have purchased a pair of Atomic Smoke TI @178 but can return them, I think at 77 they may be too thin for what I want? All input is greatly appreciated!!!!

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The instructor who suggested your k2's were too soft was probably correct. Beginner skis like those are made to be extra flexible in order to be as forgiving as possible for the novice skier. At 6'1 190, you were no doubt running into issues with over flexing them, which probably made it more difficult to ski them with halfway proper technique. I expect you will find the Atomics to be easier to ski right off the bat because of that.

I think you made a good choice with the Atomics. For intermediates working to improve, best bet in my opinion is a groomer ski with plenty of sidecut. Easy turn initiation and will respond better as your technique improves. The 77 waist will be perfectly fine. And, even though you're not concerned about mogul performance, those skis will perform well on them should you decide to ski on them more frequently.
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The atomic smoke TI should be fine and has a 15.5 radius.  The thinner waist is actually better as it will take less motion to get from turn to turn.  3years ago 77waist was considred mid-fat.

Lengthwise, you may feel more in control on 170-172 until you move past intermediate.  


What will be a problem is if you get up to speed, those atomics are still intermediate skis, so will start to wobble especially later in the day as the groom gets chopped up.  

But as an beginner/intermediate, you don't need to go supersonic, you should be working on your turns and techniques.

Be sure to wake up early and hit the slopes earlier for the better groomed conditions to find the limits of your technique and skis.  Then when you are able to trust the skis and know their limits, the choppier conditions will be easier to handle.

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Thank you both for you replies... I guess after reading this forum this summer it seems that anyone who refers to west coast skiing say 90 or up in width.  I had so much fun skiing in the fresh snow early last year I have saved up a bunch of vacation so every time there is a chance of more than 6" I am taking the day off this season.  I fear the 76 of the Smoke TI would not be as much fun as something fatter - but I imagine I've got to get my skills in order first - just hate to have to buy another pair of skis.  I still have not mounted the Smoke TI so they can go back but with your advice I may just keep them...


Also forgot to mention I did get boots after my first season - Lange 100 rx lv and plan to get foot beds next month.

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on a powder day, get to the demo shop early and rent fat skis.  Most of the days will not be powder days.

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