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NTN binding question (tech)

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So - getting ready for opening day on Saturday, all exited about doing my first season of Telemark.  I have a pair of surprisingly decent shape Volkl Karma 177s that I got on ebay for $10 that I'm going to use with new Garmont Prophets and Freeride NTN bindings (orange).


I mounted the bindings earlier today.  I couldn't find the directions, but had a copy of the downloaded mounting diagram.  The diagram was not to proper scale, and the drill holes didn't even scale to the plate at all, so I found it useless.  The only thing I got out of it was relative orientation of the individual holes, which at least indicated which direction to orient the plate.  I mounted up the bindings and all was fine, or so I thought.  Well, I just found the directions, and the exploded diagram pictures the plate facing the other direction.  Damn.


With the plate backwards, the rearmost edge of the plate ends maybe 1/8" behind the rearmost part of the binding frame.  The front edge of the plate ends about exactly at the boot sole front line, or the front tip of the toe piece.The correct orientation moves the plate about 1" forward relative to the binding frame.


I almost launched into another whole unmount, fill, drill, remount procedure - then I figured, screw it.  The plate is entirely underneath the boot sole, and provided the misalignment wouldn't hurt the binding frame itself, I figure the worst that could happen is that maybe additional stress could cause the plate to maybe pull out of the ski a little, which would just require re-mounting it anyway, so I decided I'd just leave it.


So, my question to any and all of those who may have technical knowledge of the binding, are there any flaws in this theory?


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When the plate is on correctly, do the boot center marks line up? If not, how much off in which direction?

I've mounted a fair number of NTN bindings, but I've never mounted or used one with the plate backwards so I don't know if it would work.
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The binding is in the right spot - the plate is just mounted on the ski backwards.  Binding location isn't the issue.  The binding fits on just fine, but because the two binding/plate securing screw locations are asymmetrical, the plate ends up farther back in relation to the binding frame.

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HI - I just looked at my old NTN plates.  To answer your question, yes, I think it will work.   But for how long?   The rear of the plate when installed correctly has 3+" of flange to hold the binding, where the front half of that, and as you said a small portion of the plate is visible, so less than half the amount as it was engineered.    But, heck, the plates are made of plastic now, so give it a go!

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It's a moot question now.  JFTR, the plate sat in the binding about 1" farther back than normal - or about 1cm back from the most forward binding position.  However, and completely unrelated to plate position, on my first day out with the bindings last weekend, the front plastic piece that houses the cable tension latch hardware broke.  I have new parts on the way, but repaired my broken piece with a healthy application of epoxy.  While I was at it, I re-mounted the plates on the skis with the correct orientation, so they're in the right spot now.

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