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Need advice, new skier [New England college student]

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Hey guys I am planning on purchasing the whole ski set for this winter and I need your advice. I have went skiing about five or six times and usually just rent skis at the mountain. Now I am actually at college and lots of my friends have skis and are planning to go skiing all winter, I don't want to spend money on renting skis so instead I want to buy everything from boots to skis and bindings.

I am 145 LBS, 5'9 and broke. I have narrowed my choices down to these but I am not sure which one to get. 






My skill level is bottom intermediate or high beginer ...you get the point. I can do blue box at most mountains in the New England area. Keep in mind that I will probably do black diamonds by the end of this season. Also I am open to other choices if their are better deals around but I don't want to go over $500 for everything. 


Thanks for your help

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The most important thing is your boots. You could easily spend $500 on boots alone. Boots will impact your skiing way beyond the skis. So, based on your foot shape, I'd start by looking at what boot comes with each package and then decide. To do that, you need to really spend some time evaluating your foot shape. High instep? Wide forefoot? Narrow heel? Etc. Then you need to spend some time actually trying on boots, doing shell fits, to figure out your size.

Close to 100% of the people here will tell you not to buy boots across the net, to spend the money on the right boot fitter, get the right boot, and if there's money left over, then you can find used skis, bindings, poles. To spend your money the way you are proposing is to ultimately throw it away. It would be far better to spend the money on the boots, then rent everything else.

But if you ignore me, then at least buy the package according to the boot.
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Spend all $500 on boots (or a little more).  Do research here first to find out how to get good boots.  Do NOT buy them online, or at a big box store.


Boots are prosthetics stuck to your body, set up to receive attachments (skis).  Those boots better fit each of your feet.  Boot fit is very different from shoe fit.  If each one doesn't fit each foot widthwise, both in the toe as well as along the rest of your foot, and lengthwise (the toes need to touch the front wall of the boot), and if the boot ceiling doesn't sit right where the top of your foot is, AND if the heel pocket doesn't have a shape that holds your heel in place, your skis will wobble.  The boot is your skis' handle, and it needs to attach to your body very, very, very snugly.  Not like a shoe.


If you skis wobble because you didn't know how to select a boot that fits properly, you'll never have the control you seek on snow no matter how wonderful your skis are.  The way the skis attach to your body (through the prosthetic, i.e. the boot) must not be loose sideways, up-downways, nor longways.  One more time, the heel pocket needs to fit your heel.  This is stupidly complicated, but it is what it is.


You are new to skiing.  You will have difficulty figuring out for yourself what boot fits your foot.  Read this and take it seriously:



....then visit a reputable bootfitter and buy what he/she recommends.  

Get everything else used, or continue to rent for a while.

Welcome to skiing!  Once you've got boots that fit, everything gets oh so goooooooooooood.

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^^^ this is true.  


You can look for a deal on boots by buying older models, but definitely work with a well-regarded boot fitter when it comes to buying them.  Your feet will love you for it.  Most factory footbeds are pretty crap, so factor in at least an off-the-shelf footbed, as recommended by your fitter.  Buy the footbed first, before you try on the boots.


It's hard to describe how important boots are when people are busy drooling over the skis laying against the wall, but if you set yourself up properly you'll have great boots for years to come.  


There are some terrific deals on second hand skis going around.  That's the way I'd go; new boots, fitted for your feet, and second hand skis in good condition.


Wherever you are you can get a recommendation for a good boot fitter on this board.


Best of luck.

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Shub Ham,

Welcome to epic! There is a wealth of info here. You can find. Lots of info and most folks will answer your questions with very good advice. There are some other forums here at epic you should read too and they. Have some "stickies" at the top of the those forums withu great info. Look at "Ask the Boot Guys" and the stickies in this forum.

What LF, Sibhusky and Sinbad7 said is true. Nothing is more important than boots. If you talk to the bootfitter, they might be able to help you out with boots that fit well, but come of last years or the year befores shelf. All boot fits different like all feet are different. You can get by with boot off the internet but nothing will hold back you skiing and joy more than boots that don't work with your feet. Many folks suffer from this and don't even know it. I suffered from this and until I got my boots set right and set up for me, I was being held back and didn't even know it.

You can get skis off Craigslist, but you need to beware. It is best if you have someone that knows skis well and helps you get skis that are good for you and the terrain you're going to be skiing.

What area are you in and what college are you at. We might be able to better direct you to good resources and shops that will work with you. You might even be able to find some really good deals on this site.

Also, check out the beginner zone. I know you can already ski, but there is lots of good info there too that will help you out. Tricks of the trade so to speak with some great tips.

Have fun and welcome aboard,

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