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La Sal Mountains skiing anyone?

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Has anyone done any skiing in the La Sal mountains outside of Moab? If so, any recommendations, advice, etc.?
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I've spent a time or two in the La Sals, usually in conjunction with a mountain bike trip. There is nothing more sublime than a ski/bike combo in some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere.

We always drive up the La Sal Mountain loop road to the Geyser Pass turnoff. This road is plowed up to a trailhead parking lot but beware the conditions. Spring mud and snow may require 4WD. At the trailhead, the trail/road (popular with snowmobilers) will proceed east for a mile then fork. The right fork heads to Gold Basin and access to Mt. Tukuhnikivatz, Mt. Mellethin, Mt. Peale, and the large bowl that separates these peaks. Nice lines from the ridge between the peaks.

The left fork will continue toward Geyser Pass. I've dropped off the side of this road in late April and skied in February powder. This road will access Mt. Mellethin's north and northwest faces. I've not skied them but they look interesting, if things aren't too windblown.

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Well the trip to Moab involved my car breaking down, then paddling the Colorado, then hiking in Arches, no skiing, but thanks for the reply. From the looks of it those mountains aren't going anywhere, so maybe next year.
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Want to come to the La Sals, huh? Well get a hold of me next season (I'll be here) and I'll be glad to show you the ropes. But, we must be verrrrrrry quiet about the La Sals!!!!
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