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I'm getting back into alpine after 13 years on tele, and am trying to find the right set-up.  I am 6'4" 210# and am an expert skier on tele gear.  I have definitely decided to go with Salomon X Max 130 boots and Atomic STH 13 bindings, but really want to be sure that I get the right skis.  We mostly ski groomers at Winter Park (when we're with the kids who are 9 and under) and steeps and bumps at Mary Jane when it is just the wife and me.  We love skiing powder and trees when we have the chance.


I found a pair of new 2011-12 Armada AK JJs for a screaming deal, and was told that it would serve me well for what we do, but I have some concerns.  Is this a good all-around ski for me? Any other recommendations?