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How do i get started?

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Hey all,
I'm in Southern CA and was thinking of possibly trying out telemarking next season. How/what/where do i get started with telemarking? I'm totally lost as to what to do... :O

Thanks for your help!

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Get yourself a nice pair of soft mid fats, some plastic boots that fit well and a pair of Linkens. Take a couple of lessons to get the basics and then go skiing everyday that you can. If somebody tells you to get another type of binding beside the Linken, just plug your ears and humm. Trust me, there is nothing better on the market.
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Go up to Mammoth and rent tele gear at Kitterige (sp?) sports. It's across from footloose. The rental guys are very knowlegable about tele stuff.

Go to or call the Sport school (it's just above the bottom of chair 1) and ask to sign up for the tele lesson with Urmas. He teaches a 3 hr class on Mondays from 10am-1pm. It costs $48. Urmas and a chick from Alta will take a run with you, then divide the group in half. You will prob be with about 3-4 others who will be either totally new to tele or at least pretty green.

Then prepare to start over. (not really) I spent the first hr waiting for the class just cruising around parallel turning.
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