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I'm headed to Jackson, WY to watch the boy do some nordic racing on December 20 and 21st.  We'll stay over and ski Jackson or Targhee on the 22nd (a Sunday).  I need some tuning (mostly edge work) done on my alpine skis -- not a lot of ski shops in my Wyoming burg (okay, none) and Jackson's the first place I'm likely to hit between now and then that has one.  The idea is I can hand over the skis on Friday AM as long as they're back in my hands on Saturday evening.  I'll be staying in town and the nordic area is a ways from the ski area, so a ski shop in Jackson would be my first choice.  Can anyone recommend a shop that would both do a good job and have a quick turn around?  I have neither the tools, skills, or patience to do it myself, so I need a pro.