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Hey everyone-

What's up with Mt. Washington? Can't someone tame the mountain's weather? I'm suppost to go up this weekend, but supposedly up to 2 feet could fall on the ravine by Fri. Hope it's less, so there's no avi danger! Anyway- just thought i'de mention this. Anyone elce doing Tuckerman's (or tuckerman..whatever) Ravine this year?
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I'm still hitting lift-served terrain, but thinking about doing tucks in May or June. I've done it twice in May over the years but this year June should still be prime as well.
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Riverside- Did you stay overnight when you did Tucks? I'm going to do that- but want to make sure I get there early enough to get space- there willl be 3 of us. If you did stay over- when did you get there? THX
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going may 18-20. have reservations at amc lodge for fri. and will try to get a spot up at the bowl for sat. nite.
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BG- your going to have a blast. I just got back yesteray. When I got to the base it was spitting snow- but then it cleared up. Got to the visiters center at 6:30 (so I didn't have to worring about spots at Hermit Lake Shelters) and got to the leantos really early. It was still foggy so I slept until two- then woke up to sunny skies. For the rest of the trip there was not a cloud in the sky. SKied the headwall twise and then Right Gully once- IT WAS SWEET. The ravine is just massive- spetacular(sp) place to be. Falling ice was not a problem- and the snow conditions were great the second day. The first day my brother fell from the middle of thr heldwall to the base- about 900 verticle- then got up and skied it the next day. We had a blast! Anyway- hope who ever elce is going will have weather like we did!

"There are trails with signs, and there are those with out...Which trail will you chose?"
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we're hoping to get there by 2pm on friday and get a spot in the leantos-if not, we'll stay in the lodge. I imagine you could ski all the way down to the trailhead?
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Yup- the Sherbern SKi Trail was covered with PLENTY of snow. Took about 5 minutes to get down.
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