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Boots with straight / square toe-box?

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What brand does have the most room for the big-toe in toe-box? (Compared to traditionally shaped shells, with more or less rounded / tapered in on the inside towards the front!)

I have been patrolling more or less full time the last 12 winters. Have all the years been using Strolz liners in different shells. First in Scarpa TT, XT  and Diablo. Then I went to Dalbello Kryptons and Virus. Blocking for sufficient space for the bigtoe have always been the biggest and most difficult issue to solve. 

I need DIN soles and walk-mode. I Blackdiamond are the closest to my footshape I have found, seen from above that is. My arch are to high to fit in them.

The best compromise I have found so far are Salomon Quest. Reasonably "foot shaped" and straight on the inside,. But the instep was on the limit. And toebox unnecessarily snug. ( for cold days)

I'm now sitting in my sofa wearing a pair of Dalbello Panterra. Stock they are wider then my previous boots. But the toebox are stil to rounded to relieve my big toes from pressure. And they would need punching in the ankle area. 


I'm thankful for any advice that can lead me in the right direction!

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Atomic Waymaker?  3 buckles on upper shell 1 on forefoot (lower shell)---walk/hike mode---wide shell



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Thanx! It does definitely sound like an possible option when reading this review ->


Wil see if i can find them in any of the local stores tomorrow!

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Do anyone have a link or a photo that shows the shape of the front of the Waymaker shells from above?

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They look very much like the old "B" series that Atomic made several years ago when you view them from above.
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Tried the Waymakers today. Sweet fit around my skinny legs. High enough for my arches. But on the limit for the big toes.
I wonder if Fisher somatech shells could be mould to fit around the Strolz liners I have in my Dalbello Kryptons?

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