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Finding Freestyle Events

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Hello Fellow Two-Plankers,

Jim here, how's it going everyone? I'm 28 years old and have been skiing since the age of 4. I've been skiing freestyle for about 10 years, and am really trying to make one last "go" at competing seriously. My bag'o'tricks is somewhat limited (plateaued doing 720's) due to my East Coast upbringing (we don't ski, we slide down ice mountains.) Anyway, I have two questions to pose to you all:


1.) Am I too old?

As a  side note for your consideration, I'm still in good athletic shape and can still kill it on the slopes. I'm actually going to begin instructing again in just a few weeks. Thankfully, I still seem to bounce back from injuries fairly quickly.


2.) Where do I begin?

When I had competed in my teens, I was just lucky enough to be at a mountain the day of the events and just walked up to open registration. Since then, I've moved to Allentown, PA and really don't know how I can find events that are coming up this winter in my area.


All input is greatly appreciated ladies and gents, and I look forward to it!


- JD


P.S. Moderators, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I really didn't know where else to put it. Feel free to move the thread if necessary!  [moved by a Mod]

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Start with USSA Freestyle.

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The site for USSA has a lot of good information:


IMO, if you want to really give it a chance, you have to give it 100%. Speaking from experience, juggling college, jobs, training, and competition is not the way to go. It would be best to be with a fulltime program.


As far as being "too old", too old for what? To have fun? To get to NorAms? To get to World Cup?


Here's a link to the US Freeskiing team:


I can think of two women that really did not start their mogul careers until after they graduated from college--Ann Batelle and Michelle Roark. Ann went to the Olympics four times (92, 94, 98, 02)--she was 34 at her final Olympics and had over 100 World Cup starts.  Michelle went to two Olympics (06, 10)--she was 36 at her final Olympics. I'm sure there are male examples our there, but these are two females I can think of off the top of my head.


I'm from the traditional Freestyle background so I don't know much about the backgrounds of the freeskiers, but you can look at their bios to see if they started racing or freestyle.

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