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question for Jonathan

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Are you aware of any shops in the Washinton-Philly-NY corridor which stock any of these AT boots: Garmont GMS, Lowa Strucktura, Scarpa Laser, Dynafit TL All Terrain? I am prepared to buy AT skis and bindings on line, but not boots. My efforts to find these boots locally for fitting have failed so far. Thanks
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I saw your earlier post related to this subject, and I'm afraid my reaction was "what do you expect?"

The only shops I am aware of out East that stock AT boots are:
- Bob Smith's in Boston (just the Laser)
- International Mtn Equipment in North Conway (Denali, Garmont, Titan)
. . . and by now they're pretty much out. Some other shop in the East might have rando gear, but I don't know of any. (Maybe in Vermont?)

Best bet is to try out West, or just take a chance on mail order and be prepared for lots of return shipping fees.
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thanks for the quick reply
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Since your quest is so noble, here are some more thoughts...
Lake Placid, does some backcountry I think.
The just use regular alpine boots, but they might know of rando shops.
The U.S. Garmont distributor is in VT, so maybe they'd let you come by if you beg. (Supposedly the only shell sizes are 26.5, 28.5, 30.5, and everything else is just liner mods.)
They distribute the Laser, which quite a few random shops might have. You could also order a bunch of different sizes from their web site, and return the ones that don't fit you? Just remember that they use U.K. sizes, and a size 8.5 & 9.0 (etc.) are really the same shell.
The Struktura is almost impossible to find, so this might be a hopeless quest.
They distribute Dynafit, and maybe you could order a bunch of sizes, etc. Since these come with the Thermofit liner, which will adjust somewhat to your foot, this might be the best bet.

In case you're wondering what I did:

- Originally bought an old Euro-only boot (don't know how it ended up in U.S.) for only $50 from some guy on the internet (who insisted they were regular downhill boots, despite the picture of a rubber sole), which worked decent. Then in Tahoe (great selection of shops w/ AT boots) in May tried on a bunch of the latest boots (Laser, Stuktura, All-Terrain) and was very impressed, but they didn't have my size. Upon my return planetoutdoors.com (now defunct) had a great sale on the GSM, so I took and risk, and it worked out fine.
- For my wife, originally got a pair of Dynafit former rental stock boots from IME in Conway, which were decent, but still wanted something better for our upcoming trip to France. Bob Smith's in Boston had the Laser, but not in her size, and wouldn't special order multiple sizes, and the women's version was not yet available in North America, so took a risk (especially since the price is about half U.S.) and ordered from: http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/
...and with their help figured out which size was best, and it worked out fine. (TP also has Thermofit liners really cheap.)
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The black diamond's run big IE a 8.5 denali fit fine and I skied a 9.0 laser(probably could have used the 8.5 in the laser too) and my street shoes are 9.5 to 10.0's.

Did you check that big REI in Conshockin(?)?
REI in slc carries the laser.

I bought a good pair of mountainaring boots there back in 92.
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The REI in Consho said they could order whatever I want, but they have nothing in stock (nothing to try on). I think I'll ask them if they will order 2 or 3 pairs and allow me to return those which do not fit. Am a little skeptical that people would do biz. with me on this basis, but maybe they will surprise me.

DOH! I can't believe that I was in Jackson and Tahoe City this winter and did not try on AT boots. Nice backcountry shops in both places. (Of course, I would have paid full retail for the boots at that time. After years of conditioning, I don't even think of buying ski gear before March 1).

Jonathan, thanks for the links, I am going to see if I can't narrow down the choices, by email, based upon my foot size/shape (long, narrow and flat!). Then maybe just take a chance, as you did, with REI or s/o else.

Hey harpo, I do get through SLC from time to time. Can you recommend shops there that carry these boots?

thanks guys
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There is a Black Diamond store that carries the full Black Diamond/Scarpa line (usually the cheapest) REI carries the laser and some other AT boot - don't remember which one - and I think Kirkhams carries the laser and the nordica?.

Wasatch Touring didn't have any AT gear when I was there in the fall (it was still in Bike shop mode but did have some ski gear out).
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Speaking of the Nordica (old TR9 and new TR 10 & 12), the walk/ski switch only blocks the rearward flex in ski mode, and does nothing to stiffen up the forward flex for skiing, so I wouldn't bother with it, especially given how impressive the latest generation of AT boots are.
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