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Auto-Play Video Ad with Audio

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I think it was for Intel laptops, but i'm not sure it isn't a whole "channel".  It was right where the carousel usually is on the front page.  Quite offensive and inappropriate for many of the places from which I'd like to visit EpicSki.

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The content right there should be from Universal Sports with World Cup coverage, maybe an ad plays ahead of the video? (I am outside their licensing geography, so the video won't play for me to find out)

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Yup, really bad idea.  A video ad auto playing on the homepage really lowers the initial impression of the site for new visitors, and annoys existing users.  That prime space is much better used by the pretty pictures with links to threads as before, IMO.

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Tyler - Yes, there is an ad at the beginning of the piece. Logged on this morning at work and it started. Had to hit the mute button, quickly!  For what it's worth, I recognize EpicSki has to make money to work but, really, this is obnoxious. If someone wants to see WC coverage, can't it be a secondary site that requires a one-click navigation to get to? Many of us aren't interested enough in it to have it auto start when we go to the home page. 

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Check to see if there is a X to shut down the Featured Video Content.  I clicked it and haven't been bothered since.  FWIW this is an improvement that is not an improvement.

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Yes, that worked. Would not have thought to do that until you said it. I'm sure others are feeling the same. For commercial purposes, I think it's too much 'in your face' when you hit the homepage.

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I'll be sure to pass along this feedback to the folks at MNC.  

As was mentioned earlier, Universal Sports is providing the highlight video of ski competitions.  If you watch the video for a bit, you'll see some feeds from several different ski events. 


When we were testing the video player there wasn't an ad at the beginning of the ski highlights.  The ad placement for intel tablets is unfortunate. 


Understanding that this video may not be something for everyone, we've provided the X to dismiss it.  Once you've dismissed it, you shouldn't see it again unless we have a need to reset the player.

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I'd love to see the footage, just not hear it.  How can I un-dismiss it when it gets fixed?

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Xela, when we make some changes to it, we'll reset it so everyone see's it again.  You will still have an option to dismiss it if you don't like it at that point. 


I'm in the process of trying to find out why there is an ad at the beginning of the ski coverage.  That wasn't there when we tested this and I believe we're only supposed to see ski coverage. 

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We have the ability to keep the video but mute the sound.  Is that a more desirable option? 

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TC, yes.  It's just the audio that bugs me.  Thanks.

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In an good old capitalist way EpicSki transformed from the online community to for profit corporate entity. Nothing wrong with that, pop-up ads, video ads or what else is the price to pay for our addiction. And some people adjusted to it and benefited from it and some people are left in the dark to wonder... What is next ?

Undeniably, EpicSki is the best user source for all things skiing, MTN recognized that, owners recognized that and monetized their asset, we as users are left to (literally) pay the price. If I do not like the pop up Dicks, or Universal videos, or wink-wink reviews in the mold of "these are the best, and BTW I happen to sell them"... we can always move on. For now - I can still live with it because the benefit that I am getting from this site greatly outnumbers the annoyances. And it is still free(choice)!!!


Please bring in the ads featuring Miley Cyrus snowboarding down at Northstar while holding a pussycat that is obstructed partially by Dick's ad while top of the page video glares something like "and wait ... there is more ... "


First paragraph goes under "compliments"

Second is "suggestions"

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I am on a satellite connection and it eats bandwidth I do not have to spare.


oops....just clicked on the x...I'm good now.

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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

I am on a satellite connection and it eats bandwidth I do not have to spare.

We anticipated that some of our members may have this issue.  

This is why we enabled the option to dismiss it by clicking the X in the upper corner.  Once you dismiss it, it will not come back unless we have to reset the feature. 

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