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Q: State the number of the major ski shops in the Philly area that carry any Randonnee/AT gear. This result is not too surprising, I guess. SE PA hasn't been anybody's idea of "backcountry" in a long, long time.

Q: State the number of those same shops that even know what Randonnee/AT gear is, or had ever heard the terms? Wow! The topper for me was when the manager of the shop closest to me told me there is no such thing as an Atomic 10.ex, and pulled out the 2000 catalog to prove it. (He was right; those skis are not in the catalog. Nor are they on Atomic's web site.)

Guess I've got to shop somewhere else. Wonder if they have any backcountry shops over in Camden?
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JW, you might try a shop that sells tele gear, or a place that handles backpacking, mountaineering type stuff. They might not have what you're looking for in stock, but many of them may be dealers (although they may not know it) because they are dealers for lowa, scarpa, etc, hiking gear.
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You must have hit your head on that slide down the chute.


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what, you don't think we do bc skiing in Camden?<FONT size="1">

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The 10ex is on the atomic site, listed in the "rock and jump" category.
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Even here in SLC only a few shops carry AT stuff.

I didn't even know they had ski shops in Philly! I spent a few years in your neck of the woods - 3 in Media, and 3 in Harrisburg.
The only thing I miss about PA is riding in the woods.
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Gee Harpo, can't understand why you'd trade Harrisburg for SLC

My problem at this point is that while I am prepared certainly to buy AT skis and bindings online, I obviously need a shop and bootfitter for ze AT boots. Vot to do? May have to wait for my next biz trip west.

And if you think it's tough buying AT equipment here in the Commonwealth, just recall how hard it can be to get a 6 pack of beer to go here!
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