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Rogers Pass

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WOW!! It's like being in the Alps.

Had some great days around these parts recently. I've toured in the Absarokas, the Chugach, the Chic Chocs, the Andes, and the Haute Route but never have quite run across as tour friendly day trip terrain as they have there in the Selkirks. Pretty quick ups to some severely glaciated passes and top-of-the-world views. Even in a horrific year for snowpack, this place unveiled the goods.

Highly recommended for a trip you'll never forget - Put it on the list.
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where does one stay to ski this area?
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Stay right on top of the pass at the swanky Best western. Nice place and ski right out the door up to Balu pass or a bit down the road to the Illiawacet(?) glacier. They have a discount avail to skiers which makes the stay cheap - $27. Only an hour and a bit from Golden. Right next door is the Rogers Pass Visitors center which has all the maps, current avy info, and a great Museum on the history of the trans can railroad through the pass.
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I'll be there April 6th-8th... wanna come?
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