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Marker Griffon vs. Head Mojo 12

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Looking at mounting bindings on Line Prophet 98's.  I am 6'2 and 220 lbs and consider myself an advanced intermediate.  The skis will not be used in the park.  In bounds resort skiing, groomers, trees and areas like the Back Bowls at Vail.  Any recommendation, the Mojos are a better price.  I have had good luck with Head/Tyrolia bindings before, but the local ski shop I frequent really seemed to like the Markers.  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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You're 220. The Griffin is a DIN 13 binding, the Mojo 11, well, and 11. The other choice might be a Tyrolia/Head Attack 13 or Mojo 15. Even so, the Griffon is fine as well.

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The Mojo is actually a 12 DIN (last year's model), but I get the point, thanks.:)

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Happy to be corrected but my understanding is the Mojo 12 is the same binding as e tyrolia LD 12. I have a pair on my powder skis but haven't used them yet. Am currently fitting binding freedom inserts in to the fatties as well as my Mantras.

Having used the 1pair of tyrolia railflex bindings on multiple skis over the years, I've decided to go flat but didn't want to lose the removability advantage.

Levelnine have them for about $120 I think with spare brakes of different widths for $45 a pop
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I can only comment on the Markers, as I have those mounted on the K2 EXT's.


I really like them quite a bit so far.  I've had no issues at all.  I'm 6,3 250lb

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Had good luck with Mojo 12s and 15s, and variations. No issues; light; durable enough for me at 175#s.
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Wasn't a fan of the Markers when I tried them, to be honest.  Found them too plasticky for my liking, and very shallow toe hold piece.  Ending up buying a Tyrolia-based Deadbolt 15 (identical to the Mojo 15) and prefer them much more.  Seem like more durable construction, no plastic creaking, better toe piece.  I'm not a binding expert by any stretch of the imagination, I am only going by my personal impressions after trying each of them out before purchasing.

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