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More or less room needed in toe box?

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Got a pair of Fischer Vacuum 130s, 27.5, everything is mostly working fine in them after I got Intuitions and baked them, with one minor exception: my left foot is slightly longer than my right, due to the big toe.  Molded shell length is ok, but am wondering about the height in the left toe box.  Should I have enough wiggle room to raise my big toe up a bit, or should it feel snug down into place?


Reason I'm asking is last year I had an "almost wipeout" and recovered before actually falling, but in the process I banged my left toe inside the boot so hard that it warped my toenail and it's taken a full year for my toenail to grow back properly.  And now I'm a bit nervous for this season, to be honest.


So I am wondering if I should have the boot punched up a bit in the left toe box to provide for slightly more vertical room to avoid toe bang, or if it should actually be more snug to "lock" my big toe down into place?


Any thoughts/comments/experience would be greatly appreciated.

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Your toes can only move forward, if the rest of you foot and the liner is moving forward also---Perhaps you could tighten the ankle buckle a little tighter to hold your feet back in the heel pocket and avoid banging those toes---Tighten the ankle buckle (second from top) untill it hurts and is uncomfortable---then back off untill it is just comfortable.  Your toes shouldn't hit nor feel any tighter than if you were wearing just the liner by it'self. Wiggle wiggle.:)



You could also have a little material ground out of the shell in front of that toe.



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I will try that.  So you don't think the issue is with the vertical space above the big toe, but in front?  I honestly can't remember where it hit to do the damage, I just know it killed my toe!  

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     If the end of the toe nail hits the front of the boot it will be driven backward into the nail bed and cut it:hopmad:----the nail bed will then bleed under the nail, the nail will turn black and fall off eventually:hissyfit:.  if you were to measure the height of the inside of the toe box you would find it is a good bit  taller than your foot with the liner added for thickness would be, so I doubt the boot is too low in the front over your toes.  Also trim and file your toe nails, so that nothing protrudes beyond the skin on your toes-----tighten the ankles:).



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Gotcha.  Thanks for the info Mike. 


Snow in the forecast, so I'm hoping opening day around here comes soon!

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