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Help Me Out on Facebook - An Jackson Hole Request

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Hi, all.

I'm asking for your help in spreading the word about a great organization here in Jackson Hole.  Over the last thirty years, the Jackson Hole Land Trust has helped preserve wildlife, scenic, and agricultural resources on over 23,000 acres in the Jackson Hole valley.

Those of you who have visited our valley have experienced the open spaces and incredible views that exist here for all to enjoy.  The JH Land Trust has helped ranchers and landowners willingly give up development rights on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property so that our views could be preserved forever.  These landowners have done this because of their deep and passionate love for this valley.  


If you've skied here, you may not have known that several thousand acres of the land surrounding the base of the ski resort at Teton Village are protected under conservation easements held by the JH Land Trust.

I'm hoping that as many of you as possible will "Like" the Jackson Hole Land Trust at: https://www.facebook.com/JHLandTrust

To get a quick idea of what the organization does, you can view this video:


Will you make a couple of clicks and help us out?

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Thumbs Up

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Done.  Looks like a new vacation destination for any season.

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done.  Someday I hope to ski there too!

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DONE!  That's where we spent our honeymoon in'92...plus many other visits.

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Done.   Plus I give you points for your creative but reasonable use of epicski!

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Hey, everybody.


Thanks so much for adding your Likes.  It really means a lot for an organization that has had a huge positive impact on the environment in Jackson Hole.


And spindrift... thanks for passing this on to your son.


As added incentive for those of you who haven't yet clicked the Like button, I'm going to post a few photos that I've taken over the last few years on JH Land Trust easement properties.


This one is a black bear that "claimed" the carcass of an elk that died and ended up in a few inches of water on the Snake River.  This was just about a month ago.  The bear literally spent several days splayed out right on top of the carcass.  The bear would eat for awhile, sleep for awhile, and spend the rest of his time shooing off the eagles and ravens and whatnot that wanted to share.


This easement property consists of several hundred acres along the Snake River and is home to a herd of approximately 300 to 400 elk:





This one shows a little more of the Snake River with the foothills of the Snake River Range in the background:




After the bear left the carcass he (she?) spent a couple of days in the woods just off the river.  The bear was probably making occasional trips to feed some more but by that time the carcass was starting to look a little picked over:


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Done. Nice pics. I'm really excited to be going there in January, even if all that wildlife isn't going to be quite as visible then. 

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Done and done. icon14.gif
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Done. Was there the summer of '92, and I've never seen any place more beautiful.

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Dddone :)

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As a result of Bob's post, I've been reflecting on three things today. First, how much Bob's generosity with his time, energy, and knowledge influenced and enhanced my skiing life. Second, about the importance of large landscape conservation and the role of conservation easements in preserving critical habitat and ecosystems. Third, how cool Jackson Hole is. 


In light of these things.... I decided to throw a few bucks into the JHLT donation jar. And also decided to offer the following friendly challenge to the epic community. Follow this Jackson Hole Land Trust donation link and make a donation. Then PM Bob to let him know how much your verifiable donation was. If you guys hit or exceed $500 in donations by the the time Thanksgiving ends here on the west coast, I'll match that $500 via another donation (maybe I'll even do it in honor of Bob ;)). I think Jackson Hole is something to be thankful for. 


I trust that Bob will notify me should I have to pay up :D


Oh yeah - don't forget to hit "like" on Facebook...

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Done - looking forward to landing in Jackson early January for a couple of weeks to see (and ski) in in person :)

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Ongoing thanks to everyone who has Liked the JH Land Trust.  Just in the last 24 hours, you've increased JHLT's Likes by 15%, so we REALLY appreciate it.


Also, huge thanks to spindrift for starting up the donation challenge.  Fundraising wasn't my intention when I started this thread - I just wanted to raise awareness of the organization - but almost any non-profit needs money and the JHLT is no exception.  To those of you who have chosen to donate, I can't tell you how much it means.  There are still a couple of days left in spindrift's challenge of matching $500 in EpicSkier donations made before the end of Thanksgiving, just in case you're interested. :cool


Here's another photo taken from an easement property.  This one is a coyote that was curious that I was walking around in the woods on an early spring morning:


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OK, I'm gonna change the rules. Forget the challenge part. I'll just match every dollar up to $500. So every dollar you donate will turn into two (including donations already made). Can't beat that return on investment. 


IMO anyone who visits, or plans to visit, JH has reason to care about this. Same for anyone who values wild lands and wildlife in general. But just the fact that it matters to Bob is enough for me. I know I am just one of many here who has benefitted from how generous he has been with his time and knowledge - whether in the form of  writing and posting his unofficial guides to JH, showing people around the mountain, or just offering informed general advice about JH. So even without looking at the bigger picture (worthy as that is), this just feels to me like an easy way to say "thanks  Bob".

Anyway, when the clock runs out, Bob can send me the total tab (I have no need to know the details)...

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Hey, spin... thanks again for the kind words - and for the contributions.  


You're right about the overall impact of conservation easements on wild lands, open space, and wildlife.  Jackson Hole today would be an enormously different place if it weren't for the hard work  of the land trust staff and the incredible contributions of our easement donors.  Thousands of acres of wildlife habitat and migration corridors have been protected to allow us to see elk and deer and bears and so on regularly.  Last night I had to slowly weave through a herd of elk just to get home.


I'm chair of the Open Space Council for the JHLT and part of mission right now is to raise awareness of the organization both here and nationwide.  Our goal is to get our Facebook likes over 1,000.  Thanks to all you EpicSki people who have clicked in, we're getting a lot closer. Here's the link again for anyone who needs it: https://www.facebook.com/JHLandTrust 


And continuing with photos from JH conservation easement properties, here's a mom moose and her yearling calf.  They were hanging out on a property near Fish Creek on the west side of the valley.  Moose in particular are very sensitive to human interaction and these protected easement properties are critical to their successful reproduction.


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