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Anyone know what happened? Some web and epic searching didn't bring much result (obviously). 


I couldn't ride my Wailer/MFD/FKS at all last year due to injury. I've got I think one, maybe two days on them. I love it all so much they're in my bedroom, propped up, year round. With almost no time on them, whatever flaws may have put them out of business (if technical flaws, as opposed to the $300 flaw) haven't showed up in mine. Just not enough sales?

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There's a post on TGR about it, I guess it was just not a commercial success and the guys had to call it quits. Sucks for them, I think if they were a few seasons earlier (before Guardians/Adrenalins and the increase in use of tech bindings) they would have done a lot better. 

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