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Posted by Dedric Holmes:


"As it turns out my doc. is a avid skier as well so he is very vested in me getting better. He has also prescribed a custom Plastazote orthotic he wants me to get fitted for."







Looks like your feet are improving, myself I ride bikes for exercise ( no running.)   I would stick with your doctor, it's a big plus he is also a skier - as far as working for The Jaguars, well, ah, gee …  Sorry, I had to add that!  All teams go through down periods- look at The SeaHawks.


You're a lot bigger guy than me but I also have flat feet and have used custom orthotics in my ski boots for  years which are worth it for me.  A lot of serious skiers have some kind of footbed.  Talk to your Dr. and see what he says, generally they ain't cheap.


Sounds Pretty Good In Utah