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Shipping skis overseas?

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Hey, I thought I posted this already today, but now I can't find it!


Anyway, is there an affordable way to mail skis from the USA to Europe? Germany in particular.


I see a lot of vague discussion here.


72" x 8" x 10" box at 18 lbs.

USPS is $250. DHL is $175.


Anything better out there?


Thanks, JP

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It's not worth the hassle if you intend to use them for yourself. Aside from separate shipment being more expensive than airline fees you run a chance these days that the skis get held up in customs and not cleared until import fees are paid. It can get pretty tough to prove you will be taking them back to where you came from so no fees are due.


I definitely would not recommend it unless it's one way just for the sticks without you going yourself.

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Has anyone ever done this? I just need some numbers from someone with experience. It's amazing to see all the opinions in the other thread and "ideas you can try."


I'm not traveling with these skis. Someone from Germany wants to buy mine off of eBay. Is is possible to ship to Europe affordably?


Has anyone paid less than $175 to mail skis to Europe? If so, how much $ was it, and via which carrier. Thanks!


If the answer is No I guess I'm surprised. It seems, from a cursory glance, that one can order new skis from Europe and have them shipped here for "free shipping." I suppose these are $500 skis, but still...


It's a bit like a tunnel .... "Haaaallllloooo in there.... Has anyone mailed skis to Europe??????"

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Not sure about your tunnel comparison.


I was on the receiving end here and I recall shipping with DHL ran around $ 100-120 but that was 3-4 years ago. The receipient will have to pay import tax since customs will insist on a copy of the entire transaction. So there's no way to work around that, bad as it is.

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