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Ski ideas....16 year old girl 5'11" 150 pounds

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Hey guys.  Need some help with my hopefully done growing 16 year old daughter.  She races GS for her HS ski team in the icy northeast but is not a serious racer.  We do ski locally and also out West a couple times a year...we are headed to Utah in late December so I'd like to kill two birds with one stone.  Is there an all-mountain ski (a little wider for her) that can double as a ski race ski?  I don't want to spend too much so last years model would be preferred! :)  I would say she is an advanced intermediate...nothing too crazy and mostly groomers sprinkled in with some bump runs.


Her current skis are Dynastar Exclusive Active 100-74-120 (R13) and I think they are 153cm.  Again I would like to go a little wider underfoot than 74cm.  Thanks in advance for the help!

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Not sure if you were saying or implying that she was racing GS last year on those Dynastars, but in any case she obviously can't race [or free ski effectively, for that matter] on those this year at her size.


What does the ski team coach say about what s/he thinks your daughter should be on for racing?


If neither your teen nor the coach is fussy, you might get by in a pinch with a narrow recreational carver for racing and all-mountain, if you keep it very well tuned. That would be a last resort, though, IMO, and you would STILL have to rent her skis in Utah if it snowed more than 8"" or so, to give her access to the best experience. Again IMO.


If it were me I would aim for a used pair of real race skis and a used pair of much wider soft-snow-oriented all mountain skis. 


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I agree with qcanoe and think she needs to be on a race ski for racing and a fun ski for freeskiing. 


Her current ski's are insufficient in every way.  They are hindering her progression and enjoyment.


250 bucks for each pair (used) with bindings will buy some fine ski's. If dough is tight bargains can be found.

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Two pairs of specialized three to four year old gently used skis (a GS or SL ski and a mid fat fun ski) are way better than one pair of last year's mid fat skis for the situation described above.  And two pairs of not so new skis can be obtained within your budget.  It will just take a little more effort searching local shop swaps, Craigslist, and other online resources.

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Thanks guys for the suggestions.  Her racing coach is out on disability so at this point I agree that two separate skis (one for racing, one for all-mountain) are in order.  Does anyone have any suggestions for some used or even last year model skis I should be searching for?


By the way the original skis are actually 120-74-100.  I reversed the first and last number.  I know too short for someone 5'11" anyway.  I think I am going to let my 11 year old 5'7" 110 pound younger daughter try them perhaps!

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