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Schweitzer opened up today for the weekend with a 20" base at the day lodge!  They only ran the Bunny Hill lift (the top of which can be seen left of the day lodge) and one HS quad that runs about 2/3 the way up the South Bowl.  About 6-8 runs were groomed, and off-piste was super-firm and scratchy.


Photo 1:  Lift line was 7-10 minutes, so not too bad for an opening Saturday on a nice, sunny day.


Photo 2:  RIdge Run in middle with most open runs off to left and wooded Headwall dropping away to right from upper ridge.


Photo 3:  Traverse across the upper part of Headwall leading to 3 groomed runs overlooked by the skidding masses!


Photo 4:  Wide open and crowd-less groomers on the opposite side of Headwall.  Lake Pend Oreille barely visible through the haze in the background.  Cabinet Mountains in the distance to the left.


T'was an awesome sunny day, and the groomers were in surprisingly pretty good shape.  The day's tally: 8 runs over 2.5 hours, 1 hit rock, 1 hit stump, 2 sore shins, and the beginnings of 1 goggle tan...a pretty O-K Day 1 of the season.


Should be able to be out a tad longer tomorrow!