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I just moved to Colorado from the East Coast and I am ready for new skis.  In Maine/NH/VT I was using hand-me-down Atomic Metron M2s(172cm and 78mm)  and could ski anything the East Coast had to offer. Also I have been Tele-ing some on BD Havocs.  I had never skied out west until yesterday at A-Basin on my Teles, as I did not bring my Atomics intending to get a new pair.


About me;

Height: A tad over 6'

Weight: 175-180

Age: 22

Days skied: 25-30

Level: Expert (at least in the East)


Previous preferences in the East Coast:  Trees and Moguls.  Almost exclusively skied glades or the woods between trails.  Once in a while would rip wide open trails.


I have been looking at skis, but have no reference for what would be good in Colorado. 


Trying to decide on length (longer than my previous 172s), width, (88 or 98?), and ski.


Some ideas that I have so far;

Blizzard Brahma 180

Blizzard Bonafide 180  

Blizzard Kabookie 180

Nordica Hell and Back 177

Nordica Steadfast 178

Rossi Experience 88 178


Any help in narrowing this list or other good skis would be great!  Or even suggestions as to width and length I should be looking for.



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