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Seven Mile Ski Trail

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Has anybody skied the seven mile ski trail from the East side Berthoud Pass shuttle stop (upper), to the last switchback before Mary Jane. A Berthoud patroller said it was possible to alpine ski it, but I am having a hard time believing it. How about for snowboarding? Any feedback would be greatly appreciatedl!
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Although I have never skied the seven mile trail, I am familiar with it. Befor Berthoud opened back up I used to pick people up there regualarly. I do know that snowboarders were the most frequent that I saw sitting with there thumb out on the swithback. To me that indicates that it is a suitable area for mode of sliding.
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I have skied seven mile bunches of times. I would hate to be on alpine skies or a snow board. It is pretty gradual and it does require some hiking. Ihave seen folks in there on alpine gear in deep snow and they were pretty frusterated. I guess if the track is put in, you could keep enough speed on alpine skies but a snow board would be pushing it. The boarders usually bail out at the top after Hell's half acre.
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Thanks Shelly,
Is there enough downhill to make the hikable sections worth it? Or is it basically a really long traverse?
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Its a real long traverse on alpine skies
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As long as you don't ski it on a fresh pow day or in mooky potato slop, you'll be fine. Its a really long gradual run which follows a stream bed - all downhill. The key is not checking your speed since there are a couple long flat sections. The only hiking involved is maybe 15 ft to the road at the end.

- Paul
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