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Las Vegas-Lake Tahoe

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I'm going to Lake Tahoe next February (probably Squaw Valley).

I will drive from Las Vegas (because of cheap airfare from Eastern Canada).

What road would youy recommand?

I will rent a car. Driving in the snow is not an issue for me, but what about chains (rent or buy, where)?

Thank you!

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That's a fairly long haul. The direct route is 95 in Nevada from Vegas to Reno. You might want to divert through Death Valley to 395 and ski  Mammoth for a few days on the way.


Sierra weather is streaky and most of the time you won't need chains or 4WD.  Given the excess cost of 4WD I would take my chances with a basic FWD, realizing that you might have to buy chains if it dumps.  It's extremely unlikely you'll need chains for the long distance driving in Nevada.  It is more likely if you're in Mammoth or on the roads from Reno into Tahoe.  

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I am not sure how long of drive that is but you might want to consider mammoth instead.  

I thought of doing that a few years ago but it never panned out.  

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