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Hi - I'm looking for advice.  I'm 41, 5'6", 155 pounds and ski primarily in Vermont. I am a very aggressive skier.  I don't care much about bombing down the mountain - I will spend my days entirely in the trees, on bumps and finding the most interesting lines around any given mountain / trail.  I am looking for an east coast ski that makes quick turns but can also handle the variety of conditions we typically face in VT.  In my younger days i'd spend all day skiing bumps and am quite proficient....whatever ski I get has to be able to perform well there but I don't want a "pure bump ski" (now that I'm 41 the body can't take a full day of it!!).  I've been doing a lot of research and it tentatively sounds like either the Blizzard Brahma, Volkl Kink or Rossignol Experience 88 could be the best choices.  Does anyone recommend one over the other - or is there something else that would be a better fit?  I am a little concerned that all are 88/89 in the waist, it does sound like a lot to ski bumps with.  I've traditionally skied something much narrower in the waist.  I'd appreciate any advice, thanks.