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Skis to demo this weekend

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I will be going to the Keystone demo day this weekend and I was hoping that I might get some good suggestions of skis to demo. 


I am looking for a all mountain ski somewhere around 98 mm. I need the ski to be able to carve decently and I enjoy a lot of rebound energy. I would really like something with a variable turn radius. I want something that will be easy for me to use in steeps and in crud since I spend a lot of time in those conditions. I do ski in moguls and trees but performance in this area is not as important to me as carving ability and crud performance.


I am currently looking at 

Blizzard Kabooki

Nordica Hell and Back

Nordica Soul Rider

Rossingnol Soul 7

Rossingnol E88

Nordica Steadfast 



Level 7

155 pounds

6 foot 1

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Im a lighter person and I enjoy the atomic access!

Also the black Diamond Carbon Megawatts look really cool!

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You have a list of pretty good skis that are all over the map as far as categories and characteristics. I don't think you need any more suggestions. Why don't you demo the list you already have to figure out which category to be looking at and then you may choose to sample a few other options in that category.



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If you really like your Steadfasts, I'd recommend trying the H&B first since its basically just a wider version of the Steadfast.  Since you said you want a 98mm ski, I assume the Rossi E88 is just a typo?

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There is only one answer really and that's the Line Prophet 98 check them out I am very excited about trying this one out for myself, sounds like the most perfect ski ever made*


*May be slightly over-exaggerated!




Edit: I must add that the Rossignol Soul 7 be it more than 98 being a 106mm underfoot is another ski that is a must to try out...for sure, just read the reviews on these two skis and your search is over.

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Seconded on recommend of the Prophet 98.  It was one of my favorite ski I demoed all last season.  Really fun. 

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