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Lake Tahoe-which resort?

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I'm going to Lake Tahoe in February 2014.

I love powder.

I like difficult/expert slopes.

I would enjoy a view on the lake.

I will be on the slopes only one day :(

Which ski resort should I choose?

Thanks for helping me!

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Thats a no brainer- go to Squaw Valley.

Some of the best expert terrain in the country

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Squaw is great, but won't give you much in the way of a lake view.  And if there is powder, it tends to get skied out quickly at Squaw unless you know of secret stashes, and that's not a one-day thing.


It would help to know what you consider difficult or expert, and what your budget is.  


If your primary goal is powder, and are willing to compensate for your short trip by spending more, I'd expect that you would probably do better with Pacific Crest Snowcats than you would at a resort.  It's $325 with two-week advance purchase, but that includes your meals, so it's about a $200 premium over the typical $100 resort price.

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It is all about compromises...


  • enjoy a view on the lake: Heavenly, Diamond Peak --> but neigher is known for difficult/expert slopes
  • difficult/expert slopes: Squaw Valley, Kirkwood, Squaw Valley: crowed, if powder day, powder skied out very very fast....  Kirkwood: hard to get... 30+ mi from South Shore (Heavenly)  (neither Squaw or Kirkwood would offer a lake view, actually Squaw has some limited view of the lake from some peaks)
  • Where are you travelling from?  If you are planning only 1 day trip, then South Shore probably is not a good option (Heavenly, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Kirkwood) and you would have to stick to North Shore (Squaw Valley, Alpine, Northstar, Sugar Bowl.... or Reno: Mt. Rose) out of these bunch, only Squaw has really advanced/difficult slopes and only Northstar has none, the rest are in between.... (oh, and Squaw and Alpine are connected by bus/shuttle, meaning buing ticket to Alpine you have an option to ski at Squaw and Squaw are offering some limited view of the lake if the weather is clear)


So, I am +Squaw for your requirements.




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I hesitate between Mt Rose (for The Chutes) and Squaw Valley.

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This should be a last minute call based upon the day's weather, snow conditions and expected crowds. If it has not snowed in a long time you should go to Kirkwood for its better preservation even it's a longer drive.  Kirkwood has more than enough expert terrain to keep you entertained for a day.  If overall conditions are really good I agree 100% with Squaw.  If you get a storm do NOT go to Squaw or Alpine where many lifts/terrain will be closed. Northstar's Backside and Lookout areas are sheltered and good for powder.


I've had 2 excellent days at Mt. Rose, both with powder, but if it's big storm lifts/terrain will be restricted.  The Chutes are every bit worth their billing, very impressive.

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