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Dalbello Kyra 95 ID?

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I have had significant boot pain for years. Over the last 8 seasons I have had a pair of Nordicas in a 25.5, a pair of Technicas in a 24.5 with Surefoot liners and insoles and Lange Exclusive 90 in a 24.5 with custom insoles. The Langes have never felt right with the primary issues being that it always felt like there was a marble under the arch no matter how well I seated my foot in them to start the day before long the pain was there and I've never been able to buckle the buckle over the instep.

I took them to Larry's in Boulder today hoping they could do some work on them and when they took them apart we discovered a large piece of plastic broken off the back of the cuff but held in place by the liner. Based on that I've decided to suck it up and get new boots. They have recommended the Dalbello Kyra 95 ID. I'm an advanced skier with wide feet and large calves who likes all terrain. I've been held back the last couple of years by the boot issues. First I put on the 24 size and was shocked at the room but nice my toes didn't the front of the boot he moved me to a 23. I wear 9 street shoe although 8.5 works in a wider shoe.

My question is, does this sound reasonable? This type of boot (three buckle, cabrio design) is all new to this former racer and ski race coach. I am eager to see what the included Intuition liner does for me. Would you recommend anything else I should look at or ask about?
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all sounds about right to me.


how is the shell fit on the 23's?

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It is 1-2 fingers.  Not much space and the left will need some bumping out in the toes but the 24 felt so roomy it makes me nervous.  Glad to hear it sounds reasonable.  

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What doesn't sound reasonable is the size 9 shoe.  Size 9 shoe and 23 don't remotely match up.  I'll assume the 23 is correct and you have some weird requirements for street shoes and I'll say that typically the 95 flex in that boot is soft.



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Thanks.  I'll ask to put the 24 on again. Maybe because it didn't feel like it was cramping my feet like I have always had I just reacted to it as being too roomy.  

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and maybe try to convert fingers to mm.


5-15 mm shell fit is about what you are looking for

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Okay, going in tomorrow. I appreciate the feedback.
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So I did end up with the 24.5. I'm really excited about these boots with the cabrio design and Intuition liners. They feel great so far. Thanks for your input!
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