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help choosing boots

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I'm from portugal and around here there isn't any boot fiter so I'll have to buy boots when I'll go ski to spain. I was thinking of taking all the required measuments of my feet and choose two or three boots and e-mail that info to the shop I will buy the boots so that I could try them when I arrive there.
About the fitting of the boot and measurements and so I dont't have any question, but what boots to chose thats a problem.
I only ski for three years and so my skill is medium (bad), I ski 95% of the time slopes but I'm really into learning to ski parks. And so I would like to buy a boot that fits this two scenarios.
I don't need a pro level boot but I would like to buy something good. From my research I am inclined to buy some dallbelo 3 piece design boot but I'm not really sure of what model to choose and if that is even the best choise for me.
Could anyome help me choosing the correct boots?

Thank you
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Thaks for the answer but I don't have any boot fitter around here, and I don't really want to know wich boot will fit my foo in particulart, but only want to know a few models of boots that are good either on slopes and parks so I know wich boots to try on and then see the fitting and choose one.

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a boot that fits your foot well, can allow you to ski anything on the mountain.  You buy boots for fit, you buy skis for terrain.

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