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Got some new Kastle FX 94's from Dawg.

Easy doing business with him and I got the skis with the KTI 12's mounted very promptly.

When I got them the skis had a light wax coat.

After I scraped them I found the bases to be acceptably flat which is hard for a ski this wide.

The factory structure is very fine grained, great for full on winter not so good for wet snow.

My take on the factory edge angles is .5 base and 3 side.

The edges were slightly rusted in spots and there are places that the final side edge grinding pass did not go all the way across the edge.

The grind quality on the base edge was very good and well polished.

The side edge grind was not very good. The stone must have had a high spot because there are grind scratches all along the edge at about 3-4mm spacing.

The worst bit was the razor sharp hanging burr left after the last side pass on both skis.

One ski measured 3.682" at the waist and the other was 3.671".


A few passes with an 800 grit diamond stone polished things up and removed the hanging burrs.

Removing the deep scratches in the side edges will take a tune that starts with a fine file.

The edges on these things are really burley compared to some race skis and they will take a lot of tuning before they are used up.


All in all, I love the look of these skis and cannot wait to lay them on some soft snow.

However, for the cost, I expected near perfection out of the box and didn't get it.

These are not skis for folks who don't care for their skis but with a bit of effort they are now ready to go.

The hanging burr would have caused problems for someone who didn't notice it.

So, my FX 94's are soaking in BP77 as we speak.

And, of course, I put the obligatory Ducati Course stickers on those oh so bland holes.

These should go well with my RX's for a two ski quiver.

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