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Post Traumatic Avalanche Stress

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Last year, while touring in Canadian Rockies I got hit by an avalanche. We were four people and we were traveling across a glacier on a rope. Our main concern was crevass danger, since we were traveling on a 15-20 degree slope. The conditions were very windy and snowing more than two inches per hour. Something above us triggered the slide and it came barreling down on top of us. Two people came up on top and me and one other person were buried and relied on the other members of our team to dig us out.

I have been skiing this winter but I am very gun shy. I have extensive avalanche training so I know the warning signs. My good judgement and knowledge is not enough to beat my fear. My touring partners are excited to ski the sick lines of beautiful powder while I am looking down the slope, shaking and frozen from fear. Airplanes flying over really set me off. Anyone else going through the same thing? Does it get better? When? What can I do so I love skiing the beautiful terrain around me?
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I got hit a long time ago but we triggered it from stupidity.
It certainly changed me forever. I am really gun shy too. I have ventured down a few chutes & stuff since but it just isn't the same anymore. Lost a few close friends to avalanche over the years too. That doesn't help either.
I can say that when I do ski in avy looking stuff I am always the 1st down. I just haul ass cause lingering around making turns makes me sick.
I always picture the slide in similar terrain & just can't do it anymore. It sucks to missthe beautiful back country shots but there's plenty to do without getting killed. I'm ok with it & others got over it all together.
Good luck & be safe.

Sail and Ski!
Look for crud, it makes u better.
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