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Tele Innovation -- 2 Different Directions

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It stikes me as interesting that the two most innovative tele bindings that have just come out are innovating in very different directions. The Linken for downhill skiing performance and Rainey's new Hammerhead for touring flexibility and ease of adjustment for different aspects of bc use.

I'd say it is good that different bindings are improving performance in each of these areas, though I'm personally more interested in downhill skiing performance (and plates seem to be the future in this regard).
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Linken definately rules the downhill!

The funny thing is that it rocks when skinning too

Love to try the HH but I`m not going to plunk down 200$ to do so when I`m all set up with Linkens
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I'm very interested in the hammerhead since I do a lot of parallel turnig with my tele gear -- sounds like it has huge heel retention. So from my perspective, HH sounds like a jump in downhill performance. But I'm going to wait to hear what others say once many people have tried them before spending the cash.
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I am a little biased here since I do some work for Linken, but for downhill control p-turning or tele turning you are going to be hard pressed to out do the Linken. I want to try the HH, but with the plate holding the boot steady side to side it is almost like you are in an alpine boot when making p-turns with the Linken. That is the problem with cables of any size or shape they can flex towards the edges and allow the boot to do the same. With plate designs it is not an issue. But only time will tell where the tele binding ends up, I am just happy that binding technology is finally catching up with boot technology. I am also happy to see systems that focus on all types of turns and allow the user to decide whether to tele or alpine turn. After all versatility was the reason I started teleing in the first place.....
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What's up w/ the new handle?
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I figure it wouldnt be right to mix business with boredom Actually I just dont want anyone saying that I am hiding behind some alias when they want to call me on something I say, but dont worry you wont see this handle very often
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Sounds like a fine reason to me. You know that everyone will still be in need of your scholarly advice. When are you going to become the Dept. Head?
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I already am But right now I am taking some time off to work on some publications and some new theories. One that I am working on is does Coors Light work as well as teflon for spring skiing conditions. Obviously it is tough to work and do research like this....
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Please post the results of your finding, Prof. And if you need a reseach assistant...
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I will post my findings at www.1millionandoneusesforcoorslight.com as soon as I can
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