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Need a suggestion for Hard Snow Ski

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I came to situation where I might need a hard snow ski replacement.

I used to have an old (6 years old) Atomic M2 9 171 which I skied all these years; few years ago I started to feel that old Atomic is no longer enough ski and I bought myself a new

Blizzard Bonafide 180 for this year (still unmounted).

I figured that I would keep Atomic for dry, low snow conditions (like last year January/February) and would use Blizzard for better, snowy days.


Well, I found out that my Atomic is delaminated under the binding (one ski only, and just a little bit, like 1/2 inch long, separating between ski and metal).


So, now, I am wondering what should I do:


a. buy a new front side carver (70-75 mm) and keep the blizzard

b. sell blizzard and buy all mountain like 80-88 mm

c. leave as is, and use only blizzard for all days


About myself, I am male, 40 years old, live and ski in Tahoe area (mostly Kirkwood (due to the season pass) and Squaw with friends), been skiing since 25, not a PRO but OK to do almost anything (don't like moguls, but would ski them if have no chose).


thank you for your answers






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How about (D): ski the Atomics as they are early in the season until you can ski the Bonafide a bit, it may well become your everyday ski anyway. A slight delam isn't going to hurt anything (delaminated edge becomes your outside edge). If you don't like the Bonafide as an all mountain ski then pick up a carving oriented ski later. 


... or just buy more skis, everyone needs another pair, or six.

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Thank you... will go with (D) for now...

will put some epoxy, it won't fix anything, but I hope will prevent the moisture getting inside the ski.

Will ski as long as I can and Tahoe weather would let me, as soon as we are going to get at least 2+ feets of snow, will mount blizzard.

If Starthaus would do another blem sale... I would shop there.. (getting good ski for cheap is an ultimate wish come true).


Any suggestion for a good carver, reliatively stiff but since I am mortal and not an x-racer, something less than race ski.

I think that 70-75 mm underfoot, at least 1 sheet of metal, probably turning radius around 16-18 m and relatively priced, could be what I would appretiate on groomers.


(Unfortunatelly, most of the skis today start with 80 underfoot and getting 80 will probably overlap with my blizzard.)


thank you again,



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This is where Jim says " (A) + Head Rally" .  :)    Shorter turning radius than you're looking for, but.... I think I'd agree with him.

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To markojp: Head i.Supershape rally (and all head's supershapes) goes in either 170 or 177 sizes...

I am 6' 200 lb... and my atomic was 171 (but honestly, I believe that atomic m2 and supershape are totally different animals from the different forest); Is 177 would be too long(too much ski) for me? (I was thinking something in 175/176, but head has different sizes in mind)


thank you,



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Hmm... maybe consider the Volkl Code Psi?  Those are 76 underfoot with a 18m radius.  I've never tried them myself but they seem to meet your criteria pretty closely.  Also, definitely keep the Bonafides.  I have tried those and they are lovely, even if you only have a few occasions per year to use them in their intended conditions.  :)


ASOGear has a 175 set on sale for $499, bindings included:



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If you are thinking about 175, I doubt 177 will make it any more difficult. I'm almost the same size as you and 177 works fine. One of the reason I didn't like 170 is I think the sidecut is too small on those for a everyday ski.
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starthaus just announced another blem sale from December 2, so, I will take a peek what would be offered in front-side/groomers there and will make my decision.

I would think about $300 for ski ($350) and extra $100+ for bindings.

BTW, Volkl Code looks like the ski I am thinking about, but never heard about them... will look for reviews and see if local resorts offers any demo, thank you

(volkl had never been in my list for the carvers, since they had started doing full rocker for every ski)

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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

This is where Jim says " (A) + Head Rally" .  :)    Shorter turning radius than you're looking for, but.... I think I'd agree with him.

Why yes.......yes I would.



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  Oleg, you could try this for your de-lam--video courtesy of our very own @Chenzo . The process for underfoot will be very similar...I've done this for myself and others many times and it usually works quite well:






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I don't have a delamination as that big as in this video, but I am sure that would help. Thank you for the video.

Any suggestion on epoxy brand and where to buy it, or any epoxy from Home Depot will do the trick?

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Ill post a link for that epoxy tonite as I'm at work and on my phone. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Oleg S View Post

Any suggestion on epoxy brand and where to buy it, or any epoxy from Home Depot will do the trick?


I use West System epoxy pretty much exclusively.  I don't see any reason to waste my time with 2nd rate epoxy.


For this repair, I'd probably go with their G-Flex product.  Regular epoxy cures to a rigid structure and your skis need to flex.  G-Flex will allow for that flexibility.

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West epoxy, while very good, is not the only premium epoxy available. Check out aircraft spruce (http://www.aircraftspruce.com/) if you would like to see some others.

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the delamination on my skis about 5 cm / 2", but not sure it is not small enough to not do anything (moisture already got in), but not big enough to be able to poor some epoxy there. (not sure if pictures are actually show the delamination, but I had tried :)  )




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Hi Oleg, 

If you were ok with skiing with that huge base damage shown on the picture, I would not worry about half-an-inch delamination. :)

Beet up your Atomics. Use them as your rock skis and use your other pair on a better snow days. I race with Masters and Clubs and often take two pairs of skis on the hill. You may consider the same just in case your Atomics totally fail under you. Fixing them with epoxy is also a good idea if you can do the job. 

Bummer that you found the problem so late. StartHaus had an awesome swap sale over the labor day weekend. 

...off topic: are you aware of RUSki club existence?



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Hi Pavel,


I'm guessing this base damage is from the moisture getting in (I had never seen this problem until I started to prep ski for this season, about few days ago).

StartHaus is going to have another blem sale, starting on December 2 (not sure if anything in 70-75 mm will be there, time will show.

No, I am not aware about RUSki club, what is that? Could you please send me some link or info?


Thank you,



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Hope you try racing with Sierra League. It is fun. The first races are on January 4 and 5 at Squaw. 

-Pavel (pavel@bosin.net)

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I need a suggestion, I've seen a great front side carver for incredible price (at least I think the price is very great).

Nordica FireArrow 74 EDT.

However, the only problem the ski comes with only one size: 172

and me been 6' 200 lb.... well, my previous skis were 171 and felt it been running a little bit short (however, I think my prev ski were not comparable to Nordica).

Does anyone know if 172 could be a "OK" size, or I should look for 178+ ?


thank you,



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I guess 172 is too short, so as 176... so, 178+ is the size to go, unfortunately it is not on sale :(

sorry for spam post, I figured it out myself

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