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New Skis similar to old Volkl AC30's?

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First post so please bear with me.


The last time I was in the market to buy skis (2009/2010), I had decided after demoing  everything under the sun on the Volkl AC30's in 170 but never pulled the trigger.  They really worked well for me and my style.  Unfortunately, a new job in has limited my skiing for the last 3 years and now that I'm back in the market it seems to be impossible to find some discontinued new AC30's.  The stuff I've read on this fine forum and others has me wary of the Volkl RTM's with comments that include words like "Smearing" and sentiments like "the best K2's that Volkl has ever made".  Additionally, I'm not looking to break the bank on the V-Werks which appear to perform in a more traditional "Volkl" manner.  I'm also not overly concerned about deep powder ability because if it dumps while I'm up there i'll rent some powder skis.  As of now I'm stumped as to which direction to go.  Maybe the Volkl Kendo or Blizzard Magnum 8.0 or 8.5 TI?  Any help or suggestions with something similar to the old AC30's (whether on paper or in practice) that are available today would be greatly appreciated.  


5'9'' 180# Type 3, 29 yrs old. Mostly ski in Vail and Taos.  No East Coast or MW.  I tend to stick to the "Frontside" and trees and could not care less about moguls.  The only caveat is when I'm with my friends that live on the mountain in CO that ski 50+ days, I invariably end up on some sort of "locals only" backside adventure that usually involves hiking a bowl or taking some liberties with the OB markers.


Thanks in advance!

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Lol I can see where the "smearing" comments are from for the RTM (I assume it's the full rocker RTM 84 you are talking about, or 81, 80 or 77). However I can assure you that is not true, at least not the full story (I've demoed the regular 84 and own the vwerks version). RTMs are actually one of the best front side all mountain skis, and edge hold is one of it's best traits. Many experts here can testify to that. The Vwerks RTM 84 is the lighter and slightly damper version of the regular 84. It is easier to smear the RTM due to the full rocker profile, and they are a bit more versatile in softer stuff. But they are fast groomer chargers after all. 

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Give the Kendo a demo.  I skied the AC30 for a couple years then switched to the Kendo a couple years back and love it.   I tried the RTM and didn't like it much, but that was a few years ago and my first experience on a ski without any camber.  I might feel differently about the RTM today.   I love the Kendo because it feels just as good cruising as the AC30 but adds another 10mm width so it's better in pow, trees and crud.   There are lots of other 88ish skis like the Kendo that are worth trying, but start with the Kendo since you liked the AC30.

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Thanks for the sound advice, I'll definitely give them both a try.  Tball in your experience as far as length goes, should I stick with the 170's or go up to the 177's?  I read somewhere where people were saying that with the rocker tip the Kendo "skis shorter" if that's even a thing.

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Try both the 170 and 177 Kendo.  I've skied both at bunch (I'm 5'11" 180) and would pick the length based on conditions, but more often the 177. The Kendo doesn't ski short with the rocker, it's more of a "marketing rocker" as with the other skis in this class.  They added the rocker one year and I didn't really notice much of a difference, maybe just a little better in pow.  For a Vail/Taos one ski quiver I'd go with the 177 for better float, but if you have or demo powder skis I'd go with the 170 for quickness.  Again, either could work so demo both.


Here's a post I wrote a while back that has more info on lengths: 


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