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Alpine Skis for tele at teh resort?

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Ive been skiing tele skis at the resort for the last 12 yrs,~ last 3 on Piste Stinx/Riva2/T2s. This year I picked up some Rossi Bandit XXs for alpine skiing. After skiing both I notice my tele skiis arent nearly as stable at speed - tips flap around, or on hard snow.
Since many of the BBs use Alpine boards for tele Im wondering what the tradeoffs are between alpine and tele specific skis for resort tele skiing?
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i use both a volkl G41 and a K2 X-15 as tele skiis. the G41 is as stable a ski as you will ever ride.

in general, tele skiis are softer knockoffs of alpine skiis. some people prefer this, i do not. i have generally found tele skiis to break easier than alpine.

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It seems to me that a "tele" ski is a marketing label. Tele skis are generally mid-level (i.e., soft flexing) alpine skis marketed to tele skiers. Therefore, just like mid-level alpine skis, tele skis are easier when it comes to turn initiation, however less stable at speed (and less edge grip). Tele skis are, however, starting to get beefed-up a bit more than in years past (though still nowhere near an advanced alpine ski).

I find tele turn initiation easier at slow speeds than alpine turn initiation and at higher speeds any ski is easy to initiate a turn on. Therefore, I prefer alpine skis to tele with.<FONT size="1">

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I had a telespecific ski once. It was my first tele ski. After that I`ve only bought alpine boards. A lot of them, too
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