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Mammoth Lodging Thread

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Starting this thread as a place-holder for lodging recommendations.  I haven't been to Mammoth in a few years, but I'll be heading down there the first week of December and plan to do a little research, which of course I will share here.  In the meantime I'm sure some regulars can provide some recommendations as a starting point...

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I just noticed this ad banner on EpicSki. 

Which leads to this link. 



Midweek packages will be ideal for this event so this may work out. 

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Just saw this. If looking for a good deal/budget trip I would rec econo lodge. The shuttle stop is right in front which takes you to either the village or the mountain in a few minutes. If looking to splurge then I rec the Westin which is right at the village. You walk down some stairs pick up your skis at a storage room next to the gondola and take a gondola to the slopes. There are a lot of places in the middle of budget and splurge including tons of condos on vrbo. The shuttle system is very good and thorough at Mammoth so pretty much anywhere you stay you will prob be pretty close to a shuttle stop or just drive since they plow the roads regularly. If looking for slopeside lodging I'd rec staying near canyon lodge since the gondola at the village goes there and its a good starting point to explore the mountain. Most of the kids lessons are there/daycare. If econo lodge is sold out already there is a place right next store (forgetting name) with similar prices and nice as well.


This is a splurging trip for me my wife and my two young daughters (6 and 2) so we will be at the Westin from March 20-25. Ill ski with the fam over the weekend and then very much looking forward to skiing with some Bears on the 24 and 25th. If anyone else is around earlier and wants to ski let me know. Cant wait and don't worry about the snow. By then there will be at least a 6 ft base and prob more like 8ft.


Agreen (Ari)

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Mammoth just sent a spring deal email for lodging 



For those who are still unsettled about their lodging, this is a good possibility for something at a discount. 

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