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  I found this really nice video @ www.skiracing.com, it offers some really unique views from behind/above, beside, beside above, and in front of racers training gates. I especially think the above views could be really helpful for those wishing to better understand exactly what is going on in turns like these as they show the paths crossing very clearly for instance.


  It seems to me that these newer technologies are allowing us to see the sagital, frontal, and transeverse  planes like never before offering up unique MA'ing possibilities. 


  Enjoy, add more videos (there's more out there), and discuss if you'd like....








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Cool, it also gives a good perspective how fast racing is.

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Not only illustrative in how fast it is in the traditional sense, but also how quickly the bos and cm swap sides, for example--especially when seen from above. Also of note is how the side views really allow us to zero in on the athlete's fore/aft movements. The views taken from behind offer a really cool "reverse image" of the more traditional frontal, etc...

There's a really neat video of Ted in Chile shot entirely from behind and above--I can't embed it now that I am at work though...maybe tonite.

These videos provide us excellent new views of dynamic balancing and it would seem that they are beginning to proliferate as coaches and athlete's experiment with new ways to look at skiing. This is a useful new tool (and an entertaining one) which will become much more imporrant in the near future IMHO. smile.gif

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